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  • Paula 7:01 pm on September 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Silly Quesadilla (pronounced -diLLa, not -diya!) 

    Since we’re embarking on vacation in just 1.5 days (YEEHAW!), I’m trying to clean out our fridge so quesadillas were on the menu yet again tonight.

    I did add one twist though… sweet potato fries!


    I baked the fries (sprinkled with kosher S&P) straight out of the freezer at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Then I plopped them in a non-stick with a WW tortilla and THREE wedges of Laughing Cow. For some reason, I couldn’t stop myself when adding the cheese. All that was going through my head was “Must. Have. More. Chez.” It was intense, to say the least.


    I paired the jazzed up quesadilla with a side salad of spring mix, pico de gallo and ketchup for dipping.

    Denis, on the other hand, is not good at fridge cleaning. He picked up Beef Pho to go from the nearby Pho Hoa. What a guilty mug.


    I obviously didn’t exercise today. The anticipation of all that cheese prevented me from working out pre-dinner. The digestion of all that cheese is preventing me from working out post-dinner.

    Oh, and that 5 pound curry chicken burrito I had at lunch from the office cafe may have also played a factor.

    It was worth it.

  • Paula 7:48 pm on September 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Wine Goes With Everything 

    Impulse wine purchase from BevMo. I choose my wine based on how much the label makes me smile.


    Chicken quesadillas with a heirloom tomato and white nectarine salad.


    I heart wine.


    Just kidding! Give me some credit. My wine glass(es) was(were) much more reasonably sized. This one is filled to the brim with Diet Coke.

    Now I’m off to dance around in circles in the middle of the living room. Toodooloo!

  • Paula 3:19 pm on September 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Sunday Secrets 

    I’m just finally sitting down at home today for the first time since my alarm clock went off at 7:30 just in time to wolf down a little somethin’ somethin’ and head out for an 8:00 spin class at the nearby gym. Afterwards, it was breakfast (part dos) at the Original Pancake House with my parents and Denis, then straight to Denis’ parents to hang out for a bit before jetting off once again to grab lunch. I got a lox bagel sandwich at the House of Bagels to fuel for an epic open house tour of 7 houses in Willow Glen and Campbell that I had pre-scouted and mapped out. Whew! On the way back home, we made one last stop at the grocery store to pick up fixin’s for an inspirational dinner vision that came to me between houses 5 and 6, and I had to use all my willpower to prevent myself from buying out the refrigerated drink section as well as the overpriced chocolate aisle (they had PB&J dark chocolate!!!).

    First thing I did upon sitting down and opening up my laptop? Went to PostSecret. While I try (most often, unsuccessfully) to stay off the computer on the weekends, I always look forward to reading the newest batch of secrets that are posted every Sunday. It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing since early college, so the site always makes me a bit nostalgic.

    Here are my favorites from today’s batch. Enjoy!

  • Paula 7:22 pm on September 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Vino and Tapas 

    We went to Cascal for a semi-early dinner, because I was still staaaarvin’ from my run earlier and I had a hankering for some good white wine. Get in my belly!

    I may have gone a little overboard, and we ended up ordering 5 plates in addition to the bread with herbilicious EVOO and drinks that we started with. Despite the mass quantities of food (many of which were oh so happily fried), I’m proud to report that we held our own.

    On the menu? Spanish fries with an aioli dipping sauce, hearts of palm salad, Peruvian ceviche with freshly fried tortilla chips, duck confit sopas and chorizo skewers with potato salad.

    photo 1-5.JPG

    photo 2-12.JPG






    Oh baby, oh baby. We pretty much killed it all :).

    And if that wasn’t impressive enough, ladies and gents, we are now off to get froyo for dessert! Nom nom nom.

  • Paula 1:52 pm on September 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Look What I Saw! 


    Sweet!! I wonder if they are Team Edward or Team Jacob :P.

  • Paula 12:56 pm on September 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    One Saturday Morning 

    I did it – I ran for 1 hour and 24 minutes this morning! I just mapped it and it looks like my route was 8.5 miles on the dot. This is the longest distance that I’ve ran since my first (and maybe only) full marathon back in the beginning of June. It feels great to be back in the swing of things.

    Speaking of that marathon, this morning I almost wore the very socks that I ran with during the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll. Even though I have tons of these socks, THE socks have a telltale hole. This hole was the result of my red-painted big toenail jabbing at my thin socks for the over 4 hours (I think it was 4:15ish?) it took me to complete 26.2 miles. When I finally took off my running shoes after the race, I was momentarily horrified that my toe was in some kind of nasty state because all I saw was this huge red blob where my sock had previously been. Turns out it was just the nail polish on my toe. Phew!


    Anyway, I changed into hole-less socks, partially because the hole felt funny and partially because I didn’t feel like being reminded of how crazy exhausted I was during the last several miles of my marathon adventure. After eating the very last Clif Bar from the colossal box I bought from Costco a good 5 months ago (victory!) and waiting 30 minutes for some digestion to happen, I was off on my run with a bit of timidity. But, you know what? It actually felt pretty good!

    The 4 S’s: Sweaty, Self-Shot Success!


    After getting my rub a dub on in the shower, Denis and I went to WFs to grab lunch and then walked across the street to enjoy our meal on a park bench. The park was actually less than glorious due to all the geese poop everywhere. When we were in Tahoe last weekend taking a speed boat on Echo Lake, we overheard a man in our boat talking about how geese poop so much that when divers go to the bottom of the lake, they oftentimes find layers of geese poop that are FOUR FEET deep. *Blegh* So, we probably won’t be going back to that specific park, but at least lunch was good!

    I got an orange Vitamin Water Zero, a white nectarine and a custom sammy.


    Sliced multi-grain, roasted turkey, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, avocado and dijon mustard. You better believe I downed everything with ease (and not grace) after my run!


    View of Geese Poop Park from our bench.


    Then we ran some errands and are now back at home, since we both need to get some work done (doh!) before dinner tonight. I am SUPER excited for dinner. For whatever reason, during the last mile or two of the run this morning, I started daydreaming of a meal full of vino and tapas at a restaurant in Mountain View. As soon as I got back, I made Denis reserve a table for us. Yesss!!

    Have a good weekend!

  • Paula 7:30 am on September 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Needs a new wallet asap. Thoughts on this one?

    Also comes in blue:

  • Paula 8:28 pm on September 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Hi there!

    It feels like we went to Tahoe ages ago instead of just this past 3 day weekend. I miss it already. I decided I was not going to blog while we were over there in an effort to live in the moment and extricate myself from the interwebs. As a result, the picture coverage from the trip is spotty at best, but as long as you’re aware of the three major themes of the weekend, you really didn’t miss much.

    South Lake Tahoe is…

    … full of beautiful scenery, like the waterfall that we hiked up to and Echo Lake that we took a speed boat ride on.

    … home to a lot of delicious food (with the huge exception of Nepheles… yuck!), including almond croissants, garlic fries, Santa Fe tempeh burgers, vanilla milkshakes and Nutter Butters. Yes, I did just say Nutter Butters.

    … the place where I drank my weight in adult beverages. Seriously, people, I think I drank more wine and beer this past weekend than I have in all of the last year. Go me! Verdict: I am not ashamed and need more Sauvignon Blanc in my life. Secondary verdict: When I’m tipsy in a classy establishment, like the outside seating area at Edgewood golf course near where people are getting married, I should try not to talk so loud. As in, I should not sound like I’m directing traffic in the middle of a sold out concert. Whoops.

    Oh, I lied – there was actually four major themes of the weekend, but I’m trying to forget the details of the last one. Let’s just say, never stay at the Days Inn in South Lake Tahoe. In fact, never stay in any Days Inn just to be on the safe side. You will be eternally grateful, I promise.




    photo 1-2.JPG

    photo 3-7.JPG

    photo 4-2.JPG

    photo 4.PNG



    photo 2-10.JPG


    photo 2-11.jpg

    photo 3-9.jpg



    Notice the one theme that is notoriously missing from this trip: half marathon training. Whoopsies :). Happy-almost-Friday!

  • Paula 10:03 pm on September 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Interesting article:

  • Paula 7:29 pm on September 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    P.S. You need to watch this: Do it!!

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