Sunday Secrets

I’m just finally sitting down at home today for the first time since my alarm clock went off at 7:30 just in time to wolf down a little somethin’ somethin’ and head out for an 8:00 spin class at the nearby gym. Afterwards, it was breakfast (part dos) at the Original Pancake House with my parents and Denis, then straight to Denis’ parents to hang out for a bit before jetting off once again to grab lunch. I got a lox bagel sandwich at the House of Bagels to fuel for an epic open house tour of 7 houses in Willow Glen and Campbell that I had pre-scouted and mapped out. Whew! On the way back home, we made one last stop at the grocery store to pick up fixin’s for an inspirational dinner vision that came to me between houses 5 and 6, and I had to use all my willpower to prevent myself from buying out the refrigerated drink section as well as the overpriced chocolate aisle (they had PB&J dark chocolate!!!).

First thing I did upon sitting down and opening up my laptop? Went to PostSecret. While I try (most often, unsuccessfully) to stay off the computer on the weekends, I always look forward to reading the newest batch of secrets that are posted every Sunday. It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing since early college, so the site always makes me a bit nostalgic.

Here are my favorites from today’s batch. Enjoy!