One Saturday Morning

I did it – I ran for 1 hour and 24 minutes this morning! I just mapped it and it looks like my route was 8.5 miles on the dot. This is the longest distance that I’ve ran since my first (and maybe only) full marathon back in the beginning of June. It feels great to be back in the swing of things.

Speaking of that marathon, this morning I almost wore the very socks that I ran with during the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll. Even though I have tons of these socks, THE socks have a telltale hole. This hole was the result of my red-painted big toenail jabbing at my thin socks for the over 4 hours (I think it was 4:15ish?) it took me to complete 26.2 miles. When I finally took off my running shoes after the race, I was momentarily horrified that my toe was in some kind of nasty state because all I saw was this huge red blob where my sock had previously been. Turns out it was just the nail polish on my toe. Phew!


Anyway, I changed into hole-less socks, partially because the hole felt funny and partially because I didn’t feel like being reminded of how crazy exhausted I was during the last several miles of my marathon adventure. After eating the very last Clif Bar from the colossal box I bought from Costco a good 5 months ago (victory!) and waiting 30 minutes for some digestion to happen, I was off on my run with a bit of timidity. But, you know what? It actually felt pretty good!

The 4 S’s: Sweaty, Self-Shot Success!


After getting my rub a dub on in the shower, Denis and I went to WFs to grab lunch and then walked across the street to enjoy our meal on a park bench. The park was actually less than glorious due to all the geese poop everywhere. When we were in Tahoe last weekend taking a speed boat on Echo Lake, we overheard a man in our boat talking about how geese poop so much that when divers go to the bottom of the lake, they oftentimes find layers of geese poop that are FOUR FEET deep. *Blegh* So, we probably won’t be going back to that specific park, but at least lunch was good!

I got an orange Vitamin Water Zero, a white nectarine and a custom sammy.


Sliced multi-grain, roasted turkey, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, avocado and dijon mustard. You better believe I downed everything with ease (and not grace) after my run!


View of Geese Poop Park from our bench.


Then we ran some errands and are now back at home, since we both need to get some work done (doh!) before dinner tonight. I am SUPER excited for dinner. For whatever reason, during the last mile or two of the run this morning, I started daydreaming of a meal full of vino and tapas at a restaurant in Mountain View. As soon as I got back, I made Denis reserve a table for us. Yesss!!

Have a good weekend!