Hi there!

It feels like we went to Tahoe ages ago instead of just this past 3 day weekend. I miss it already. I decided I was not going to blog while we were over there in an effort to live in the moment and extricate myself from the interwebs. As a result, the picture coverage from the trip is spotty at best, but as long as you’re aware of the three major themes of the weekend, you really didn’t miss much.

South Lake Tahoe is…

… full of beautiful scenery, like the waterfall that we hiked up to and Echo Lake that we took a speed boat ride on.

… home to a lot of delicious food (with the huge exception of Nepheles… yuck!), including almond croissants, garlic fries, Santa Fe tempeh burgers, vanilla milkshakes and Nutter Butters. Yes, I did just say Nutter Butters.

… the place where I drank my weight in adult beverages. Seriously, people, I think I drank more wine and beer this past weekend than I have in all of the last year. Go me! Verdict: I am not ashamed and need more Sauvignon Blanc in my life. Secondary verdict: When I’m tipsy in a classy establishment, like the outside seating area at Edgewood golf course near where people are getting married, I should try not to talk so loud. As in, I should not sound like I’m directing traffic in the middle of a sold out concert. Whoops.

Oh, I lied – there was actually four major themes of the weekend, but I’m trying to forget the details of the last one. Let’s just say, never stay at the Days Inn in South Lake Tahoe. In fact, never stay in any Days Inn just to be on the safe side. You will be eternally grateful, I promise.




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Notice the one theme that is notoriously missing from this trip: half marathon training. Whoopsies :). Happy-almost-Friday!