Workout Fail

I meant to go running today. I really did. It was going to be my longest run in about a month, leading up to 6 miles this weekend and continuing my streak of sticking to my training plan.

I woke up enthused and threw on the two items I got at the mall yesterday for $0.52. No, that decimal point is not a typo.

I got this t-shirt at Ann Taylor Loft. It was originally $30, but it was on sale for $15. On top of that, I had a $15 off coupon to use in August, because it’s my birthday month. Sweet! And for some reason that both me and the sales lady did not understand, the shirt didn’t even ring up with sales tax. Super sweet! We were both perplexed, but, hey, I’ll take it.


Then I moseyed over to Banana Republic and laid eyes on this leather bracelet. It was originally $25 and on sale for $12.50. They also had a special promotion going on where all sale items were an additional 25% off. That combined with my $10 off coupon made my total come out to a whopping $0.52. Woot!


So armed with my shiny new and essentially free gear, I was in a great mood. Still energized to take the day by storm and full of good intentions to go on that run after work. I powered up with this delicious breakfast.


A container of fat free greek yogurt on top of a serving of organic fruit & nut granola. All topped with a whole large sliced banana and a generous amount of brown sugar. Bliss in a spoon.


That held me over until lunch when I was convinced to try this Taiwanese porridge place in a huge Asian shopping center semi-nearby work. This decision marked the beginning of my descent into couch potato-dom. I got the lunch special, which was all-you-can-eat rice porridge with sweet potatoes and 3 sides. The sides were definitely not “sides” portioned – they were entrees in their own right! All for $6.95. Kaching!


There were some crazy sides to choose from – pig’s feet, intestine and other barely identifiable (to me) objects. Since I still was keeping up the ruse that I was going on a run later, I stuck to relatively lighter options that were mostly vegetable based. I can’t say I entirely knew what they were with the exception of the edamame, tofu and carrot one. I can tell you, however, that the best was the military green-colored one on the back of the plate. Not helpful, I know :). I ate a ton of the veggies and two bowls of the porridge that were topped with soy sauce and white pepper. The large amount of sweet potato in each of these bowls was not exactly fortuitous. I actually enjoyed the whole thing much more than I thought I would despite the oiliness of the veggies. I was super full afterwards though and definitely much more sleepy than I had been, so my running dreams were starting to get a little fuzzier. Who needs to do 5 miles when you can do 4?!

Then 3 o’clock rolled around.

There was a celebration for my work’s 15 year anniversary outside, complete with acrobats, ice cream bars, candy, fruit and – wait for it – CUPCAKES. Before I knew it, I had devoured a red velvet cupcake and what felt like a whole field full of strawberries. 50% of me was super jittery after this. 50% of me needed a nap ASAP. Who needs to do 4 miles when you can do 2?!

Then 6 o’clock rolled around.

When I exited the building around 6:15, it was hot. Not just a little hot, but high nineties, smoldering hot. Who needs to do 2 miles when you can relax on the elliptical machine in an AC-filled gym?!

I walked over to my car, opened the trunk to store my laptop bag and pick up my gym bag. That’s when it happened. I stored my laptop bag and closed the trunk. Then I got in the driver’s seat and drove off. Why workout in an AC-filled gym when you can drive in an AC-filled car?!

Le sigh. Epic, epic fail.

The one good thing is that Denis and I were able to spend some time together and eat at the same time, since I got home earlier. And although I didn’t run 5 miles for the first time in month, I (wo)manned the BBQ for the first time in my life!! Look Denis, I’m becoming useful!


I had a veggie burger (minus a tiny section that fell through the grill – whoops!) on wheat bread with a grilled pineapple slice and heirloom tomato slices. Not pictured are all the condiments I slathered on, including Dijionnaise!


Denis also made baked french fries, with olive oil, paprika, herb de provence and s&p. They didn’t quite crisp up for some reason, so they were actually more like hash browns.


And, lastly, I whipped together a salad with spring mix and lots of veggies from my mom’s own garden! I ate my salad with s&p and ketchup. Not weird at all, I swear!


The rest of the night was spent booking a hotel in Tahoe for the three day weekend, looking into our financial situation to get this house hunting show on the road and lamenting the fact that we no longer get Bravo with our downgraded Comcast package (no Top Chef!). Oh, and Denis’ fresh batch of homemade coffee ice cream may have made an appearance.


Goodnight! Hopefully I don’t fail as much tomorrow as I did today!