Denis’ Good Eats

I’m going to take a break from chronicling my food tales today, and instead give Denis’ food adventures a whirl. We ate all our meals separately today since I was off spending $0.52 at the mall (don’t ask), so the following meals are all his own (and much more impressive than what I was wolfing down while standing up throughout the day).

Breakfast: Banana and a glass of OJ. This is a typical breakfast for Denis (I couldn’t handle just this duo myself) with the exception of days that I steal the last banana for my cereal, which I have been known shamelessly to do. On those days, he just goes with the juice and starves. Also, another thing I could not do. Why starve, when you can eat? The male mind is sometimes a mystery to me.

Lunch: Chicken and Veggie burrito from his work cafeteria, which, speaking from personal experience, is AWESOME. They have these really great thin crust pizzas that would make my job satisfaction shoot through the roof if we had them in our cafeteria. Okay, the roof has pretty low ceilings, but you get the point.

Denis is not a big dessert person at all (put that on the running list of things I can’t comprehend), but this little concoction caught his eye in the cafeteria today.

photo 1-1.JPG

Dark chocolate mousse in an artful container topped with homemade whipped cream. Ooh la la! Never in a million years would you see this dessert grace our menus. Every day at work, the dessert choices are bagged rice krispie treats, assorted cookies, chocolate-covered raisins, gummy bears and – if we’re really lucky – yogurt-covered pretzels. No competition here!

Afternoon snack: Apple.

Dinner: Salad made with a spring baby lettuce mix, cucumbers from my mom’s garden, halved little tomatoes from my mom’s garden, avocado slices, bell peppers, Marcona almonds and feta. He topped it all with some Belgian dressing mix – just add EVOO and you’re good to go!

photo 2-6.JPG

When I came home around 9pm, Denis was in a flurry making homemade coffee ice cream and had planted the avocado seed leftover from his salad in water to start the growing process. That is one impressive man, right there. I, on the other hand, downed a bunch of small meals and a container of raspberry in my sweatpants and called it a night. We’re a good team.