They’re Heeerrree!!

My ProBars finally arrived! They were expensive, but at least I managed to save a couple bucks online. I was worried that the bars would be all melted, because they were in transit during some over 100 degree sweltering days, but they actually held up pretty well!


Aren’t they cute? I’m weird; I know.


It was a hard decision, but I chose the Koka Moka flavor for breakfast today.


The bars are pretty high in calories and sugar, but I love them because they are delicious and made up of real food. You can actually see the different ingredients at work in the bar unlike some super mixed mysterious PowerBar creation. Plus, I’ve been hopping on the eat what you love and crave regardless of nutritional value bandwagon. Hopefully my body will know when to stop and so far my body has said that 1 bar is a perfect breakfast serving. Nevermind that the official ProBar site even says to eat them in two sittings. Puh-lease.


Textured rich chocolate-y goodness! Definitely not let down by this flavor.


The arrival of the ProBars was definitely the highlight of the first 2/3rds of my day. I did manage to squeeze in my 4 mile (actually, 4.09 miles – no fraction of a mile left behind!) run after work, so I’m still on track with my 1/2 marathon cramming plan. It was not without a few snafus, however. First I thought I would change it up a bit by running on the treadmill at the work gym so that I could get some tv watching in. Total fail. Within .2 miles, I remembered that I HATE running on treadmills and I was bored out of my mind. I had to abandon ship and restart my workout outside. Then, about a half mile into take 2, I realized that my badge, which I had so keenly shoved in the back of my sports bra, had fallen out somewhere on the trail. Luckily I was able to retrace my steps and find it, but note to self: buy tighter sports bras. Obviously, my need for a sports bra is minimal in the first place :p.

The other exciting news (okay, fine, this one is more exciting than the bar arrival) is that our friends, Tina and John, got engaged on Friday! We met up for drinks at Cascal to hear the big story and congratulate them. John definitely did a good job :).

The happy couple!


It is getting dangerously close to being past my bedtime, so goodnight and talk to you tomorrow!