Thumb Twiddling

I went to an 8am spin class at the nearby 24 hour this morning. There was a substitute instructor today, which was great for me. The woman that normally runs the class is good, but her idea of motivating workout music is so far away from any songs or artists that I would categorize in the same bucket. Since today’s instructor was around my age, the music was fantastical – pretty much everything that’s on my iPod. Score!

It’s also nice to vary up instructors to infuse some variation in the workout too. Usually we do a lot of steady hill climbs, but this lady had us constantly augmenting the gear by 1/4 turns and getting in an out of the saddle (almost too frequently – my bum was getting sore!). Either way, it was a good workout and I’m glad that there are people willing to pry themselves out of bed on Sunday morning to get my blood pumping!

After the class, I went to Blue Rock Shoot in downtown Saratoga with my parents. There isn’t a ton of breakfast selection there – you can pretty much either get a bagel sandwich… or a bagel sandwich – but there is nice outdoor seating. Lo and behold, I ordered a breakfast sandwich.

Ham and egg on a WW bagel. There may have also been some eXtreme ketchup-ing.

I’m back at home, and frankly, I have no idea what to do with myself. Any ideas?

P.S. My two favorite PostSecret’s from this week’s batch: