New Software for the Blogula!

I’m totally just using this post as an excuse to try the new blogging software that Denis downloaded for me. It’s called MarsEdit, and since I have semi-permanently commandeered Denis’ extra MacBook Pro, it is for Macs.

We did some cleaning around the house today (including a pretty massive trip to Goodwill), and I had a hard time letting go of a few items even though I know I don’t have a use for them in the foreseeable future. This one was the hardest, so I had to capture it on photo to make dumping it in the trash a little easier.

Wait – a cardboard Wii?


That’s right! With a Wii Mii couple inside!


I bought this in college one year as a Valentine’s Day gift to myself. I think it was during my grad year and Denis was definitely in the picture, but who says a girl can’t buy herself chocolates?


These chocolates are now 3 years old. Sketchy. But still cute and surprisingly fragrant. Regardless, throwing them out still felt a little bit like killing our love fern (How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, anyone?).

Love killer.


Okay, logging off for the night. We’ll see how MarsEdit looks on WordPress once it posts! *Crosses toes*