Back in Action

I got my run on this morning, and not a day too soon! I think the last time I ran was on my birthday, August 4th, because after that day I went on a travel whirlwind and then had my surgery. I was a little bit scared, but now that it’s done – it’s good to be back!

Running shoes, meet feet. I know you two haven’t been acquainted recently.

Since I wanted to get going before it got really hot out, I ate some Powerbar Gels to fuel pre-run and ate a real breakfast when I returned.

I also finally installed the Garmin software on my computer, so I was able to download all my run stats. I didn’t use the heart rate monitor, because it just seemed excessive at the time, but now I’m actually kind of curious.

Do you wear a heart rate monitor when you run?

My goal mileage for today in my training plan was 4 miles. I didn’t really have a route in mind, but the loop I ended up running came in about .3 miles under 4, so I just took a slight detour around the block near my house to finish it off.

The final stats ( and, thanks to Garmy, I even know the elevation gains and losses of my pretty darn flat run).

Distance: 4.08 mi

Elapsed Time: 39:01

Avg Pace: 9:34/mi

Avg Speed: 6.3 mph

Max Speed: 8.4 mph

Calories: 393 cal

Ascent: 347 ft

Descent: 368 ft

Garmy is definitely growing on me. I’m glad to report that I’ve officially moved past the fact that he is the size of Everest on my wrist.

Time to shower! Have a great weekend!