This is one serious wheatgerm chocolate chip cookie from Specialty’s.

How do I know it’s serious, apart from its delicious scent, behemoth size and obvious curbside appeal?

Answer: It leaves this serious butter stain in its trail.

Are you horrified yet salivating at the same time? MmmMmm.

Actually, the legitimacy of that cookie is not the type of seriousness I want to talk about. The San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll is just over a month away and I have NOT started running. I need to get serious about training, and I need to do it now (where now = this weekend).

I know I’m not going to stand a chance at the 13.1 miles if I don’t plot out a training plan, so here it goes. This is totally my own homegrown plan, since – as I’ve mentioned before – nobody else is crazy enough to document a one month training plan.

  • Every Sunday (except Hawaii trip dates) – Spin Class
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday (except Hawaii trip dates) – Elliptical Workout

*Every Friday – Rest day

Satuday, August 28 – 4 Mile Run

Monday, August 30 – 4 Mile Run

Wednesday, September 2 – 5 Mile Run

Saturday, September 5 – 6 Mile Run

Monday, September 7 – 5 Mile Run

Wednesday, September 9 – 5 Mile Run

Saturday, September 12 – 8 Mile Run

Monday, September 14 – 5 Mile Run

Wednesday, September 16 – IN HAWAII

Saturday, September 19 – IN HAWAII

Monday, September 21 – IN HAWAII

Wednesday, September 23 – 10 mile run

Saturday, September 26 – 12 mile run

Monday, September 28 – 5 mile run

Wednesday, September 30 – 2 mile run

— rest days —

Sunday, October 3 – 1/2 marathon race day

What do you guys think? This seems very aggressive to me, especially considering the first workout out of the gate is 4 miles. Yikes!

Alright, instead of freaking out over this, I’m going to go on a dinner and movie date with Denis tonight. We’re going to see “The Kids Are Alright” (or something like that, I can’t quite remember), and I’ve already pulled out my big purse to smuggle snacks in.