Seafood on Wheels

So both the things that I was excited about today didn’t actually happen. I was going to work out during lunch, but I decided I rather be social and go to lunch with coworkers instead. Ayme and I were going to eat dinner and see a movie after work, but we decided that we rather spend the time talking at dinner as opposed to sitting in silence in a movie theater. Works for me :).

Oh man, and it definitely worked for my tummy. Today was filled with delicious food. For lunch, we went to a stationary seafood taco truck. The truck is always located in the same parking lot, which it shares with a building that customers order and eat in (there is also a nice outside seating area, where we placed our butts). All the cooking is done inside the truck and, crazy as it sounds, the seafood is incredibly fresh.

I ordered one snapper taco and one ahi tuna taco. Out of this world. I forgot to bring my camera along, so this picture from Yelp will suffice. I topped mine off with a very spicy habanero sauce in addition to the cream and guacamole that comes standard.

Very, very good. I have to say, I was still a bit hungry afterwards. An hour or so after lunch I had an Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif Bar to fill me up. This was the first time I tried this flavor, and I actually really liked it. To think, I used to HATE raisins when I was little. Not just a little hate – I’m talking about #1 least favorite food in the world hate. I still would never crave them on their own, but I definitely like them in things – in cookies, as an oatmeal topping, in my granola, etc.

For dinner, we ended up at The Counter, where Raylene and I ate just yesterday. And, yes, I’ll admit it – I ate the exact same thing as yesterday. The veggie burgers are just THAT good. We did, however, switch the sweet potato fries for regular shoestring fries, so I’m not totally stuck in my ways!

Since my dinner today looked exactly the same as it did yesterday, I found another picture online to mix things up in topping land. Check out all the colors and textures. Yum!

I was not let down. Good thing too, because I’m going to be eating yet ANOTHER burger tomorrow. This one is going to be all beef, so stay tuned…

When I got home, Denis and I took a stroll around the block. It was short (probably only 10 minutes or so), but the weather was great, and it was good to get my blood flowing and to catch up on each other’s days. I think this will have to be more than a one time thing; hopefully he agrees!