All Star Lineup

I was on time for work, but I just had to sit down and enjoy breakfast at home. It’s so much more relaxing that way. I don’t have to tote a tupperware full of a cereal in, make the trek to our floor’s kitchen to get my milk from the fridge that hopefully hasn’t been mistakenly nabbed and then sit there at my desk whittling my fruit topping with a plastic knife only to get interrupted with a question halfway through leaving me with a soggy breakfasty mess. So, you see, my at home breakfasting + blogging more than justifies my lateness… right, boss?

The breakfast team:

My only regret is that the bowl wasn’t bigger! I did compensate, however, by refilling the bowl with raspberries and adding almond milk for course dos.

Things I am looking forward to today:

1. Playoff dodgeball game at noon

2. Dinner with Raylene, my grad school roommate, after work

Have a great day!