Bad news, guys – my dodgeball team, Tota…

Bad news, guys – my dodgeball team, Total Eclipse of YOUR Face, lost today in the playoffs, so we’re out of the tournament. ::moment of silence:: Good news is that we made it to the playoffs in the first place! It was fun while it lasted; I’m definitely glad I went out on a limb and joined.

After work, I met Raylene at The Counter, which is a design-your-own-burger joint. I love the fact that you are not only allowed but encouraged to be picky about your toppings! The Counter also has the benefit of serving the meanest homemade veggie burger I’ve every encountered.

We started off with a side of sweet potato fries, which are on my short list of required eats at The Counter. Sorry in advance for all the iPhone pictures today – today’s 104 degree heat turned me off to dragging around my camera. Too bad I don’t have an iPhone 4 or my phone pics would look waaaay better.

Hi Raylene! Hi SP fries!

I ordered the veggie burger with a whole grain bun (the buns are seriously dense and delicious), grilled pineapple, jalapenos, tomatoes and onions. I smothered the entire thing in ketchup, because that’s how I roll.

Raylene got the turkey burger, also on a whole grain bun. Hers had brie cheese, grilled onions, grilled red peppers, lettuce and one other topping I can’t quite remember.

Really, really tasty. We mostly talked about boys. Hey, just because I’m now the big 2-5 doesn’t mean I can’t gossip and obsess like a 13 year old. 🙂

At the very end of dinner we breached the intimidating subject of the half marathon that both of us signed up for. It is in just over a month, and neither of us have started training. We decided that over the next week, we’ll devise a kick butt (literally) 1 month training program to follow, since no one is crazy enough to have concocted such a plan for such a short timeframe before. 0 to 13.1 miles, baby!

I’m going to go melt on the couch now. There was an article recently about how this is the coldest summer recorded in decades. I think the weather must have taken offense, because these last couple days have been BRUTAL.

What do you do to stay cool? What are your favorite menu items for blistering hot days?