Well, that was odd… 

We headed up to the Saratoga Mountain Winery on this seriously perfect weathered day to enjoy an outdoors concert. The view from the winery is the best part.

We ate dinner at the grill before heading to our seats. The opening act was Martha Wainwright, who I’ve only heard featured on one Snow Patrol song. Our seats were a little on the nose bleed side, but I actually really enjoyed Martha’s set and we had lots of space to spread out.

Between the opener and the main act, a random woman came up to us and gave us her 10th row tickets! So nice of her. Our night seemed like it was just going to get better.

Then Rufus Wainwright came on stage.

It took him about 1 minute to get up there. Since he was walking at a dramatic, snail-like pace.

He was wearing a crazy dark coat with a train that was at least 10 yards long.

There was a giant black eye that was blinking on the projector in the background. The eyelashes looked like the love child of a tarantula and a sea anemone.

Oh lordy.

Here’s a review from another venue that pretty much sums it up, because I really can’t bring myself to go into any more detail so close to bed (nightmares!).

On the plus side, his sister came back on stage for a duet of “Hallelujah” in the second half of the show that was beautiful, almost stunningly so. Other than that though, I was happy for the show to end so I’d get a chance to enjoy the cityscape one last time before heading home.

It’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow (>95 degrees)! Perfect weather :).