Smells like School Spirit

After sleeping in like it was my job, I rolled myself out of bed only because there was no food within arm’s reach and I was super hungry (somewhat unexpected after last night’s cheesy and chocolate-y festivities). I had it in my mind that I wanted to reminisce about my college years by walking around Stanford campus to see what had changed in the last 2+ years since I graduated.

We ate a late brunch at Calafia Cafe and Market in Palo Alto on the way. We’d never been before and the Yelp reviews were mixed (read: not all that), but I was intrigued by the cool concept – it’s a mini market (think salad bar, and fru fru drinks and bars) plus a sit down organic restaurant with an open kitchen that you can see from the dining room. The menu carefully includes plenty of options for meat and meat avoiders as well, which I thought was pretty cool.

I ended up getting the Banh Mi with chicken, their take on a Vietnamese sandwich. It was really tasty, but a little bit greasy (could have just been the grilled vegetables and the slightly overfed chicken).

Denis got a mozzarella and basil pizza, but WordPress seems to be having issues with their rotate image functionality at the moment, so you’ll have to imagine it for now. The pizza in the picture is pretty standard, but it’s Denis’ pose that makes it kind of hilarious. He discovered that he can mask his double chin in pictures by assuming a “thinking pose” – head cocked to one side, eyes unfocused on some unknown object in the distance and hand thoughtfully grasping the chin. Hah!

After wiping my plate completely clean (minus some of the mayo, that is), we were off the frolic on campus.

New engineering quad! I.e. What I could have had if I graduated a couple years later.

View of the main quad from the engineering area. Kind of stunning when you’re not fumbling around with pounds of textbooks and problem sets, eh?

Me and my undergrad + grad school :).

I have just a touch of nostalgia for school life since there are “back to school” signs all over stores this time of year. I don’t really miss the school part, just the friend and general life flexibility part. Oh well, time to move on and enjoy where I’m at now (right??).

We’re off to Denis’ sister’s birthday party for the evening. Denis is sitting on the couch whimpering, because this blog post is making us late. Teehee. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!