Birthday Boy 

Today is Denis’ 28th Birthday… hoorah! I gave him an age pop quiz during dinner, and he guessed 27. Fail. We are officially THAT old. That is the age where you officially don’t care that it’s your birthday, can’t remember how old you are and think that you’ll be rinsing your dentures in Alka-Seltzer within the next year.

I worked from home today, so I was able to eat breakfast with the birthday boy. I wrapped a Belgian waffle for him, and had a mixture of granola, flakes, a banana and almond milk for myself.

Working from home is a weird thing. I probably only worked about 2/3 of a day after my lunch break, the WFs run I made to pick up birthday beer for Denis and the overdue library book I had to return, but I managed to do some stuff that I’ve been dragging my feet on forever. I literally replied to an email from May. Numero uno employee, right here!

For his birthday dinner, I got dressed up (well, I at least changed out of my sweatpants that I rocked all day long) and we went to downtown Saratoga to eat at The Basin. I actually really liked it, even though nothing was crazy noteworthy. Denis was slightly less enthusiastic, because our waiter was… odd. There is really no other word to describe him.

Denis and I took some obligatory awkward pictures (on purpose, this time).

Happy Birthday, dear!