I’m Alive! 

No, I didn’t stumble over the edge of a cliff (or, perhaps more plausibly, suffer an accidental roll down a flight of stairs in my office chair). I’ve been MIA (unfortunately not in a rich and famous, I sing Paper Planes kind of way), because I’ve been on a houseboat four FOUR days. Roughly translated, that means I haven’t slept in a bed, worn anything but a bikini or (get ready for it) showered in four days.
Needless to say, “crusty” doesn’t quite encapsulate what I’m feeling right now as I’m sitting in a (slightly damp and fishy smelling) car on the five hour trip home from Lake Shasta. We’re going to stop by Granzellas for dinner (a taxonomist’s tradition – don’t ask – that we started last year).
Be back when I’ve gotten rid of my sea legs (and smell)!