On the Harbor

I arrived in Baltimore at midnight after hours of munching, watching “The Good Guy” and reading Bourdain’s “The Nasty Bits” on the plane. Eats included lots of peanut butter puffins, a whole wheat turkey and feta wrap and a banana.

This morning I awoke early for the conference, and it was already blazing hot outside. We stumbled over to the convention center, and I got a “perfect” oatmeal from Starbucks. FYI: it was not perfect. It turned out they had a continental breakfast in the conference room, so I ended up getting some pineapple and melon slices to round out breakfast.

Look, mom! All grown up!

Good news: I managed to not drool on myself on stage and maintain some air of coherency on stage.

Bad news: The conference was totally lame.

Good news: Because of the bad news, we cut out early to grab a lovely tapas lunch on the harbor. We sat on the upper deck overlooking the water, while munching on salad with figs, pears and cheese, Serrano ham with these giant corn nut like tidbits, an olive bowl, bread and seafood paella. Yums.

After working in the hotel room, and snacking on sweet potato Food Should Taste Good chips, we went to the MOST ghetto seafood restaurant. There were pictures of rappers next to the owner, Mo, all over the walls, which had soda and cigarette vending machines lining them. That was only the beginning of the bizarreness that was Mo’s (crazy shuttle drivers and flying takeout shrimp??), but I’ll leave it at that. The food was actually pretty good – I got a giant Greek salad, a side of steamed veggies and two HUMONGOUS crab cakes. I paired it all with a local beer. Not bad, not bad.

Then we walked around the harbor and got a shaved ice-type dessert to cool us down in the scorching, humid heat. I really had my heart set on the Ben & Jerry’s stand next door, but it closed at 9pm. What kind of respectable ice cream joint closes that early?! Instead of half baked (*sigh*), I got the mango tangerine mysterious ice thing, which was Splenda-sweetened. Believe you me, I had more than enough calories today :).

I have to get some work done before waking up at 6am to catch a plane back to CA. Goodbye from Baltimore!

P.S. I go to the east coast for one day and WordPress pulls my blog theme! What is the world coming too?