Breakfast of Champions 

O.M.G. Breakfast this morning was out of this world. White nectarines, some kind of almond vanilla cornflakes and Peanut Butter Puffins in a Better’n Peanut Butter jar that had lots of yumminess still clinging to the sides. I scraped this bad boy cleeeeaaan.

Pure bliss.

For lunch, I got a Thai chicken toritilla wrap with peanut sauce from Eric’s Deli Cafe that was pretty tasty. I ordered it because as soon as I saw the words “peanut sauce” on the menu I instantly had positive associations from breakfast. Mmmm breakfast…

One of my coworkers ordered a huge box filled with vending machine-sized bags of animal crackers online, because we both collectively spend way too much on those things. And the vending machine company just upped the price by $.25/bag. How dare they! Anyhow, the giant box we’ve been anxiously awaiting finally arrived and, of course, I had to snack on one in the afternoon.

I was stuck at work until about 7 – I swear, this had nothing to do with the amount of time I wasted gawking in admiration at the cracker bounty – so I decided that the gym and I would not be friends today. I’m now at home and not regretting this decision one bit.

Dinner time!