Can highway robbery be a good thing?

Today is my birthday! I am now a quarter century old. I also can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten carded, which makes me wonder if I look more than a quarter century old. Hmm…

As it is my birthday, I splurged and bought breakfast at work, which I usually never do in the name of my bank account. I got a big ol’ bowl of oatmeal topped with raisins, dried cranberries, cinnamon sugar and banana. I like my oatmeal HOT. And this oatmeal was only luke warm, so I had to go warm it up more in the microwave. Hrumph! At least it was satisfying and filled me up, but methinks it wasn’t special enough to buy on non-birthdays.

I worked straight until around 12:45 (somewhere in there I was told that I would get a direct report… that’s Boss Paula to one poor soul haha), and then I bailed out of the office to workout and then spend the rest of the day working from home.

I ran 2.66 miles in the hot sun and without fuel since breakfast, so I didn’t feel like pushing it. To cool down, I did about 12 minutes on the elliptical while catching up with email on my iPhone. The 12 minutes and change isn’t as random as it sounds. I actually decided to call it quits when the elliptical told me I had burned 100 calories. That’s so not usually how I gage exercise, but it’s my birthday so I don’t have to make sensical decisions.

See?! Told you Garmy is HUGE!! It looks like a giant calculator watch during a time when personal computers were not the norm. I love him anyway.

More birthday treats purchased by moi for moi. I went to WFs to eat at Cafe Gratitude. I ordered the “I Am Cheerful” Live Sunburger, which is a “sprouted pumpkin seed-walnut burger served on an open-faced sweet onion sunflower bun with romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, onion, catsup, pickles and a side salad [with a creamy balsamic dressing].” I also got a coconut water (I’ve been on such a kick lately).

Guess how much this was. I dare you.

The live sunburger was was $16 + tax and tip! OMG! I just paid almost TWENTY BUCKS for lunch. Actually, I did pay twenty bucks when you count the coconut water. Help! I’ve been robbed!

I was still feeling like I had been the victim of robbery as I navigated myself and my pricey plate to tables outside to dine in solitude.

But then I tasted it.

And it was SO good. And so filling. I ate the whole sucker less one bite and the raw onion. I was literally so full that I couldn’t get that last bite down. I probably would have stopped earlier, but I didn’t want to leave $10 on the plate.

So, in the end, the fact that it was really friggin’ delicious did make me feel better, but the flavor didn’t fully compensate for the hefty bill. But if you ask me now if highway robbery could ever be a good thing, I might say yes.

Hope your day is going swimmingly!