Birthday Dinna

Who’s stuffed? Me!!

Denis surprised me with reservations at Sent Sovi in downtown Saratoga. I surprised him by making him cancel them and make new ones at Dio Deka in Los Gatos, which is a fancy schmancy Mediterranean place.

While we were hanging out, waiting to leave for dinner, I ate an entire carton of raspberries. No big deal. Then we were off to Los Gatos!

The menu said “Happy Birthday”!

We shared a half bottle of Pinot Noir. That makes red wine twice this week! I think I’ve confirmed that I like a good chilled white better, at least in the summer.

We got a dip sampler. The sundried tomato (second from the left) was the best, although anything with grilled pita is a-okay in my book.

Denis ordered the lamb chops.

And I got a sea bass covered in a thyme-infused olive oil. It came on a bed of spinach and with a side of roasted potatoes. That satchel that looks like a present on the plate is NOT a present. I opened it thinking that there would be something delicious inside, but it was half a lemon. Whoops! Hopefully I’m not the first person in Dio Deka history to do this.

We skipped out on dessert (although the Greek yogurt parfait option sounded awesome), because Denis bought dessert earlier from a nearby bakery that was calling my name at home. We did get complimentary chocolate covered strawberries from the restaurant, however, and I *had* to make a dent.

The only obstacle between me and cake? Present time!

In the birthday card? A fully punched WFs sandwich card. One free sandwich, baby!! Is it sad that I was actually really excited about this?

And… skis!!! Well, not the actual skis because apparently they are the 2011 model and they aren’t shipping until end of this month. Darn! I was really going to need those in August :).

Alas, dessert time!

Denis, a man after my own heart, picked not one, not two, but THREE cakes.

Complete demolition (of 1 + a couple tastes of another).

The boyfriend did well, didn’t he?

Time to veg on the couch in my elastic-waisted boxers and hooded sweatshirt, and enjoy the last couple hours of my day of birth.