BLAH BLAH BLAH/ Your Love (WFs) Is My Drug 

I tried a little twist to my overnight oats today – I used TJs chunky cinnamon applesauce instead of yogurt. When I tried it this morning, that baby sure tasted good. The only thing is that the applesauce wasn’t as filling as the yogurt and I ended up having to snack on a white nectarine immediately after. I had intended to take a picture, but I dropped the entire closed container in the parking lot when I was juggling my laptop, purse and random other objects on my way to the office. Let’s just say that by the time I ate her, she was not a beaut.

Some time passed…Blah blah blah…

Team Total Eclipse of YOUR Face won its first dodgeball game!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ole ole, ole ole!

Hungry with victory, I ate a large lunch (turkey and pepper jack cheese sammy, a peach that I almost choked on and a chocolate chip clif bar) .

Blah blah blah…

Another new food I tried today for a pre-gym snack was the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar. It wasn’t nearly as flavorful as some of the other Larabars I’ve tried. Unfortunately, there is only a 50% chance I’ll remember that next time I go bar shopping.

Spent 50 minutes on elliptical. I had intended to only exercise for 30, but I got too wrapped up in Cupcake Wars and had to finish watching to find out the winner. I knew cupcakes were good for me!

Then I moseyed on home. Although I was really craving WFs (I have an addiction), Denis wanted to try the new ramen/shabu place down the street called Ogisan Ramen. I was starving and scarfed down the Kim Chee they gave us when we were seated.

I ordered the unagi don, which is bbq eel on top of rice. It also came with seaweed salad and an egg.

Denis ordered the spicy ramen, but complained it wasn’t a WF’s sandwich.

We also shared a side of fried gyoza.

The food was actually pretty good, but I wasn’t satisfied because it just wasn’t what I was craving at the time. Too bad Denis jumped on my crave wagon AFTER we got to the restaurant.

Denis dreaming about WF’s sandwiches post-dinner.

I am now playing chubby bunny with a ton of green grapes and raspberries. There might also be a sizable quantity of Peanut Butter Puffins in the vicinity. Why are the peanut butter ones so much bigger than the other flavors?? Silly Puffins.