Finger Lickin’ Good 

I had intended to wake up early to go for the first run in my half marathon training, but I ended up staying up past one am last night watching Good Luck Chuck and slept in until past 10 instead. I’ll start training FOR REAL on Monday :). Plus, I knew I had to conserve energy to create the massive post that lies before you.

When I got up, I really wanted a crunchy bowl of cereal with milk, but I also really wanted peanut butter. I tried to have both by putting a big spoonful of Better’n Peanut Butter on top of my TJs Vanilla Almond Clusters cereal. It didn’t spread out, but it was still delicious. Maybe next time I’ll heat the peanut butter up a little bit first so its drizzle-able.

What is Better’n Peanut Butter? It’s peanut butter with 40% fewer calories and 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. You have to refrigerate it after opening, but other than that, I can’t tell the difference between this and the normal stuff. And I won’t hold it against them that the label designer lost the “less” vs. “fewer” battle when stating that Better’n Peanut Butter has “40% less calories.” Not that I am one to judge grammar!

Soon after, Denis and I set out to meet his college roommates at Boiling Crab in San Jose for lunch. I’ve heard so much about this place, but all I knew about it before today was that it was close in proximity to a Target. The Target ALWAYS comes up when people talk about Boiling Crab, because the wait line is so long that people inevitably end up roaming around the Target to kill time. One of Denis’ roommates had been there one time before and had to wait THREE HOURS. Yikes!

When we pulled up right before the place opened at noon, there was a huge line already. I thought I was at a Harry Potter movie premiere for a moment.

This picture doesn’t really capture the craziness, but I would say the line was a good 100 meters long packed with people. Lucky for us, our dining companions had the foresight to get there an hour before opening and stake out a spot near the beginning of the line. I have never seen anything like this for food… have I just been sheltered?

I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but I will say that Boiling crab is cool! The atmosphere was fun, the service was good and laid back and the food was pretty cheap. I don’t think I’d wait 3 hours (but that’s just my personality), but I would definitely go back if I had someone else wait in line for me :). P.S. Check out how good Denis’ iPhone 4 pictures look below compared to my iPhone 3g line photo above.

My order came out last, so I snacked on a shrimp and a clam from the table until my sweet potato fries and gumbo came out. The gumbo was filled to the brim with flavor and had crab, shrimp, sausage and veggies (including okra!). It was so flavorful that my sweet potato fries didn’t pack much punch after my taste buds had been so spoiled.

After leaving boiling crab (and repeatedly hosing off our hands), Denis took me to the Lick Observatory after he realized that I had in fact not been there with him, but rather it was him and his ex that had gone there before. Hah! He probably regretted it, since I got moderately carsick on the way back down the curvy road while I was trying to text (and the gumbo was swooshing around in my tummy).

Today’s photo of shame: Car in front of us that was driving super slow and using both lanes the entire way up!

There was a sign on this structure that said something like, “Keep Quiet. Employees sleeping, night and day shifts.” I never thought about it before, but it would totally make sense that observatories need to be staffed around the clock. They must be like vampires (not like Twilight vampires, who don’t sleep at all… of course).

The last picture of me smiling before we began our tumultuous descent.

When we reached the bottom and I started to feel less whoozy, I realized we were really close to the house my family lived in, off and on, from the time I was born until I was in the second grade. I got the address from my mom and we proceeded to drive by a couple times like creepy daylight stalkers. I didn’t take a picture, because I thought that would take the stalking to a whole new level.

I was supposed to embark on the second of today’s running attempt with my friend that actually convinced me to sign up for the SJ half. But since I still had a bit of lingering queasiness and she was feeling lazy, we happily rescheduled for an ambiguous later date. Instead, Denis and I went to Whole Foods to grab some dinner grub before going to see SALT at the nearby movie theater.

My box looks like it has stretch marks, doesn’t it?

I wallet-splurged on a quinoa bowl from the vegan Cafe Gratitude inside WFs. I wanted to get a smoothie too, but they were $8 for a small! Instead, I opted for a O.N.E. Coconut Water, which was still exciting as I’ve never had coconut water outside of an actual coconut. The quinoa bowl I ordered was called “I am Grateful” and it contained shredded kale, sea vegetables, house-made kim chee, sprouts and tons of garlic tahini dressing. Apart from garlic and tahini, the dressing contained salt, pepper, EVOO and some other spice I can’t quite remember. It was goooood.

Then we were off to SALT. We both really liked it. I also liked my KIND bar that I ate during it :).

Tomorrow we’re waking up early for spinning, so goodnight for now!