Mmmm… Salty!

We went out to celebrate the weekend in downtown Los Gatos with a late dinner at Andales. Usually I would never survive until 8:30 without food, but I was actually grateful today. For lunch some coworkers and I went to Queen’s House in Mountain View and I ate a HUGE bowl of kimchi and tofu noodle soup. I didn’t feel it until I stood up to leave the restaurant, and then I instantly wanted to die. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so full. What a difference sitting down vs. standing up can make! I felt like I had to walk around cradling my stomach in my arms to keep it from dragging on the ground.

Anyway, elapsed hours + 50 minutes on the elliptical rectified the situation a little bit and I was no longer feeling like a beached whale (well, maybe a small one) by the time this Blue Moon Margarita rolled around. The margarita was actually Denis’, but I stole it to lick some salt of the rim. I can’t be trusted around salt.

I ordered the Mesquite Chicken Salad, that seriously had about half a chickens worth of meat that I ate all of, avocado, tomato and goat cheese. I topped it all with salsa. Infinitely better than my salad yesterday.

Denis got the Quesadilla Suprema with Carne Asada.

Now I’m on the couch watching Good Luck Chuck on TV and looking around for menu inspiration online since I spontaneously decided to host a dinner party on Sunday to celebrate a friend’s engagement last night. I would love to hear menu suggestions from you!