A Giant Present

I had a business lunch today at Shivas, a fancy Indian food place in Santana Row (that’s two days in a row now). Two words: Lunch Buffet. On the left, I had a plate full of vegetable curries and salads with mint sauce and a piece of tandoori chicken. I paired all this with a piece of naan. On the right, I got a huge plate of melons. I actually ate this x2, as well as a couple scoops of this sweet dessert rice with nuts (obviously the correct name there). Needless to say, my tummy was nice and filled after.

Since none of the other tales of meals and snacks and lack of exercising today can compare to the epic buffet, I’m just going to skip straight to the present I bought myself that arrived in the mail today.

Meet Garmy!!

I’m going to spend the rest of the night figuring out how to work this behemoth (seriously, it’s twice as big as my wrist) between cranking out some work. I’ll have no excuse not to run now! Well, after I figure out how to use Garmy that is. And that’s going to take at least a week.