Attack of the Mutant Raspberries

I had THE BEST overnight oats to date this morning – 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk and a container of raspberry fruit-on-the-bottom Chobani Greek Yogurt (probably 2/3 cup). I didn’t take a picture, because… well, my different overnight oat concoctions tend to be varying shades of gray that don’t do the deliciousness justice. To think that I went from having my first bowl last week to being completely addicted this week. What was I doing with all that smokin’ hot oatmeal in the summer?!

Fast-forward to lunch, which I ate at my desk after Team “Total Eclipse of Your Face” lost its second game in a row. At least we won one match this time (and *cough* lost 3). That’s what happens when you have a team full of nerds I guess. Hopefully we’ll still have fun losing as the season progresses, and hopefully I will have learned to not try to catch speeding balls that are way above my catching ability as the season progresses.

Greek Salad with feta from WFs. I was still hungry afterwards, so I helped myself to my cup o’ bars and ate a Sweet ‘n’ Salty Odwalla bar and a fruition bar. This mix of veggies, nuts and fruit definitely held me over until dinner time.

After hitting up the gym for a quick 30 minute stint on the elliptical (and an episode of Cupcake Wars), I headed to Santana Row to eat dinner with a friend from grad school. Denis and I actually lived with her and her bf during my first year as a full-time working person.

We went to Straits, which is an asian-y fusion restaurant. They have the most amazing roti (that can’t be good for you) appetizer that comes with a curry dipping sauce, which we split. We also ordered a shrimp spinach salad and an eggplant + jasmine rice dish to share, but my inability to stop shoveling food into my mouth prevented me from capturing those two entrees. 🙂

Ex-roomie agrees with my roti review.

Straits is right next door to a patisserie, which I couldn’t stop staring at while we were eating. Once the bill was paid, I marched straight over to grab some croissants for breakfast – one normal and one chocolate. The chocolate one is hiding out underneath.

When I got home without eating the delicious smelling croissants in the car (great success), I had to spend some quality time with the work laptop. I wasn’t making any progress + I was growing increasingly tired, so I turned to the fridge for comfort. Raspberries have been my favorite fruit for as long as I can remember. Once when I was a kid and hanging out around my mom’s small office (I think only 2 people worked there, including her and she was part-time) during the summer, I ate so many raspberries that my face literally turned a splotchy red. I still can’t explain that incident, but it sure hasn’t prevented me from eating raspberries by the carton at my current age. Tonight was no exception.

Check out this mutant raspberry. It was HUGE. Literally the biggest raspberry I have ever seen in my life by far.

Just to get some perspective on that big mama, I put my pinky next to it. It was easily twice as wide and almost 1/2 as long. Nom nom nom.

Ahh, tonight’s raspberry overdose > yesterday’s Abba-Zabba overdose. No sugar headache for me!