Love the Road You’re On.

I survived the wilderness!

Okay, okay, there was a Safeway about 5 minutes away from said wilderness. So what?

Before heading out to the great outdoors, Denis and I stopped by downtown Saratoga to check out a car show that was happening on the main street. And by Denis and I, I mean that Denis wanted to look at the cars and I just wanted lunch and froyo.

I got a ham sandwich on multigrain.

And then immediately booked it across the street to a new froyo place. The atmosphere inside was… strange. It was so dark that I wasn’t even sure if the place was open from the outside. Business kill? At least the froyo was good (and froyo can be bad!! Honeyberry anyone?). I got plain ‘ol vanilla with granola + flax and toasted coconut toppings. Oh yeah, and a single raspberry because I’m fancy like that.

I was so busy enjoying my concoction that I barely even noticed the cars. I did manage to take one picture of the kid in a candy store between spoonfuls.

After the car show, we made a pit stop at the store to buy out the entire snack section. I have an irrational fear of starving in the wilderness despite only being in charge of snacks and only going for less than a day.

Henry Cowell State Park, here we come!

Our lovely campsite (that was bordered by a lot of lovely poison oak).

Got the tent up! We have the big blue one in the back that sleeps EIGHT and has dividing sheets to partition the tent off into 3 bedrooms. Beejesus.

Just some of the snacks that I bought in my wilderness rampage. I think I ate more chips yesterday than I have in the last two months combined.

Unbeknownst to us, Henry Cowell does not allow alcohol in the campgrounds. Denis was forced to smuggle in his Fat Tire.

Meanwhile, I was sad because I was forced to wear plaid shorts with a contrasting plaid belt.

For dinner, we made hot dogs (some of them even had cheese inside them… CRAZY) and veggie burgers over the fire.

And, of course, there was some obligatory s’more action. At some point in the night, I started drooling over the possibility of replacing the plain Hershey’s in a s’more with Reese’s. How good would a peanut butter chocolate s’more be?! Next time I will come prepared.

The feasting didn’t end there. In the morning we practically had our own campsite Ihop going on. On the menu? Scrambled eggs with cheese, turkey sausage, bacon, cereal, bananas and an assortment of beverages. One guy even made a latte by heating water and milk in an empty soda can over the fire and mixing them with espresso.

We may have had a bit of a grease fire with the bacon fat. Whoops.

And I almost forgot the Pop Tarts, which we heated over the fire using skewers. How resourceful are we?


Denis and I were thinking about hiking or going to the beach after we got kicked out of the site at noon, but I was sooo dirty. All I could think about was my shower, so we just headed home. I felt a little lame about it initially, but as soon as the warm water hit my filthy back, I knew it was worth it. After a a weekend out in the wilderness filling my system with way too much unhealthy food (FYI – the PopTart was worth it), I had to get three things done to return to my happy routine.

Thing 1: Eat my vegetables!

Thing 2: Stock up on library books (and a movie)! Has anyone read any of these? I picked a bunch to increase my chances that a couple would rock my world.

Thing 3: Go grocery shopping at TJs!

I heard a commercial today for Subaru with the slogan, “Love the road you’re on.” I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening on tv, but that line really resonated with me. I’ve been so blah lately (which I talked about on Friday) and I’ve just been looking anywhere for a change to bring me out of it. Maybe what I really need to do is just roll with what I’ve got (which objectively is pretty good) and embrace it. Maybe?