Cold Cities are Cold

I had to embark to SF this morning for a 1/2+ day conference. When I left the south bay before 7am, the sun was already coming out. However, when I got to SF more than an hour later, it was SO FRIGGIN’ cold and it stayed that way the entre time I was there. This just reaffirmed my decision to not move to SF to recapture my youth last year. My body does not deal well with harsh conditions. And by harsh, I mean anything below 65.

That’s not to say there aren’t great things about SF, like all the fantastic food. I would kill for a scoop of Bi-Rite Creamery Ricanelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodles) right now. And apart from its influences on my stomach, the city is also full of interesting sights to take in.

Today was no exception.

There was a slide between floors of the office building I was in for the conference! I was about to go down it when I heard a thump followed by a “Oh #!@&” from the co-worker that went down before me. Apparently the last turn was a bit of a hairy one, so I opted out (especially given my run-in with the bathroom door earlier this week).

And in the parking garage, there was an Audi with two hard panels hanging from the windows on each side of the vehicle. According to the garage attendant, the man (an architect) has yet to get a door ding!

At some point, I made it safely back from the city, did some work and packed up my desk for our move to the new building (yay! a new shade of gray!) before peacing out for the night.

Today was Belgian Independence Day. And as Belgium is the country from which Denis and his family hail, we headed over to his sister’s for a dinner celebration with pomme frites. More on that tomorrow after I get some ZzZzzs.

Good night (or Bonne Nuit)!