Elastic waistbands

Imagine the color of the ripest, most juicy cherry tomato you’ve ever seen. Got it? That’s the color of Denis post-beach! Yikes. When he got up today, he was so burnt that he couldn’t bend his knees and, as a result, I ended up going to our Sunday morning spin class by myself. On the car ride over, I ate an Odwalla bar to get me through the hour.

While I was sweating, Denis was enjoying our new sheets.

These sheets are a very exciting life development for me (sad). We’ve been using my pink sheets and pink comforter that I had during grad school, and we were long overdue for an upgrade but I just couldn’t find a set I liked that wasn’t $600+ (note to self: bed sets are crazy expensive). Although the pink comforter didn’t stray far (it’s now hiding inside our new duvet cover), at least now people won’t confuse our bedroom for our non-existant kid’s room. Life win!

After spinning, I met my parents for brunch at Leboulanger. We split two cheesy gooey egg sandwiches (one with sausage and one with avocados + veggies) as well as a chocolate croissant for brunsert (brunch + dessert?).

To offset any adulthood that may have rubbed off the new sheets, I made sure to frolick through some fountains between the Leboulanger and my car. Now I’m back at home. Denis is applying one last layer of aloe before we head over to his parent’s house for lunch. I generally try to avoid having 3 meals before 1pm, but… oh well.

Has anyone seen my turkey pants??