Shadow Monster issues an ultimatum.

Owwwww. I am so sore from dodgeball yesterday. Specifically, my entire right side from my shoulder down to my waist is sore. Next time I will try to remember that I have a left arm too. On a related note, Total Eclipse of Your Face is on YouTube! See us fight (and lose) the good fight here.

I woke up this morning and did not feel like going to work, so I did what every dedicated employee would do. I took a seat at my dining room table and ate a nice, leisurely breakfast. I kept the combo of the week running – Natural Granola and GoLean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax with almond milk.

I ended up rolling into work right before my 9am and before I knew it, it was lunch time! Unfortunately I had a 12:30 meeting (who does that?!?!), so I was forced to go grab lunch all by my lonesome on a beautiful Friday. Just me and my shadow monster.

After my blissful experience with an Odwalla bar yesterday, I picked up some more.

Along with one of my staples for the main course.

The side.

I was in desperate need of a shot of sugar around 3pm. Luckily for me, our resident baker saved the day with red velvet cupcakes! Red velvet is such an interesting concept to me – not vanilla-ey enough to be vanilla, but not chocolatey enough to be chocolate. As if that wasn’t conundrum-conjuring enough, let’s throw some vinegar into the mix, shall we? For the record, I am not complaining.

I washed this down with some no sugar added hot chocolate. Dec-a-dent!

BTW guys, I have totally failed at the Gillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones challenge that I set forth for myself. I boldly stated that I would do the workout 4 times during the work week, but I only did it twice! Even more deplorable is that these two times weren’t even spread out throughout the week; they were smack at the beginning. I’m going to create my own loophole in the challenge and amend this goal to 4 times in the ENTIRE week. And, I’m going to move the start date to next week. Mark my words, the game is on starting this Sunday!

How do you get motivated to workout? I would love tips!

Okay, now it’s time for today’s ULTIMATUM.

I am constantly hearing that Larabars are a little bit of heaven on earth, that Larabars are the creme de la creme of bars, that Larabars taste exactly like the tasty desserts that lend them their names.

I tried a Chocolate Coconut Larabar once in the past before I really entered my current healthy mentality. The thoughts WORST EVER and INEDIBLE crossed my mind at the time. Because I’m not one to give up easily, especially on something that I really want to like, I picked one up today at WFs.

This is it. If I don’t get along with this Banana Bread Larabar, my relationship with Larabar is completely over/finito/donezo. And the fault will be entirely his, not mine. And no, we will not randomly rekindle our relationship for the occasional drunken one night stand (what’s ice cream straight out of the pint for?).

Will this be it for me and Mr. Lara? I’ll find out on Monday (whoops, left him at work in my sprint out of the building for the weekend).

For now, I’m off to eat dinner at Opa! in Los Gatos and then to see Inception. Have a great Friday night!