Newest guilty obsession: Pretty Little Liars. I feel even more guilty than usual, because Pretty Little Liars is on ABC Family, which strikes me as a high school age and under channel. Oh well, a heart can’t help what it desires!

Q: What is the secret green ingredient that turned my breakfast peanut butter oatmeal this brooding shade of brown?

A: The Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion I bought yesterday! Man, that stuff is intimidating looking, but it actually tastes alright. It didn’t blow my mind flavor-wise (but it didn’t un-blow it either). I’m going to give it a few more days to see how all its green super foods make me feel – energy and, erm, regularity speaking.

Q: What is the secret funny ingredient that gave this Amy’s veggie burger on multi-grain bread a creamy kick?

A: A light Laughing Cow wedge (only 35 calories).

Q: What am I doing tomorrow AM?

A: I’m still going to keep that secret to myself for a little longer…

Because I’m holding out on you, let me instead leave you with this cute bell pepper scrap from dinner – a flower from a secret admirer?