That’s what she said.

My roommate for not one, but TWO years of undergrad is leaving the west coast behind for architecture school. As our temporary farewell, we hiked walked incredibly slowly around the dish by campus and then drove through our old school oooh-ing and awww-ing at all the change that has gone down since our tenure.

“The dish” – as we so fondly call it – is really a 3.7 mile trail that heads up to a giant satellite dish before descending again. It even has its own website. Lots of good girl talk has been had on this trail, and today was no exception.

The future architect.

We went to Sprout Cafe in downtown PA afterwards. I built my own salad with mixed greens, pear, apple, sweet corn, red bell pepper, red onion, green beans, furikake crusted tofu and a balsamic vinaigrette. It was good, although I’m admittedly not a salad person. I may have had to go home and eat a snack after.

I also managed to pick up an impulse buy in the checkout line at Target. Those get me every time! There was a surprise under the cap, but I’ll save that one for later.

We had lofty dinner ambitions of Peruvian-style beef kabobs and black bean and tomato quinoa. I don’t think we’ve ever been let down by an Epicurious recipe with several 3.5+ star votes. Denis swears by that site. Since I mostly like to drool at pictures, I tend to look more on foodgawker, but I’ve definitely been victim to a few stinkers.

Squeezing the lime for the kabob marinade and the quinoa dressing.

I love heirloom tomatoes. Denis saved all the seeds to plant later. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for baby heirlooms in the future.

First time ever making quinoa! I had no idea before tonight, but apparently you have to rinse quinoa really well (we’re talking three separate rinsings), because the grains are coated with a soapy tasting substance to protect them against birds and insects. I learned something today!

Peruvian kabobs, marinade recipe followed to a tee.

The beautiful quinoa salad. The only modifications I made were skipping the butter and subbing the vegetable oil for EVOO.

We stuffed the quinoa in grilled bell peppers. Denis couldn’t finish all of his, so I ended up eat about 1.25 peppers. Talk about a vege-full day.

After we cleaned up, we headed to see Cyrus at a nearby theater on a whim. Naturally I had to stop at the froyo place next to the theater before heading in.

Original tart with coconut, granola, Heath Bar and Reese’s.

Much to my dismay, the AMC folks would not let us in with outside food. BAH!!!!! I had to shovel it down and, as a result, only made it through the toppings + half the froyo before brain freeze set in and I had to admit defeat. Recently, movie theaters have been making me feel queasy over being ripped off. Even though I don’t usually buy the $4.00 bottled water (sometimes a girl’s just got to drink, you know?), it’s so outrageous to me that they mark everything up by 4x normal prices. And that wouldn’t even be so bad if the cost of movie tickets wasn’t constantly rising. I think I paid $21.50 for our two tickets tonight. Seems kind of exorbitant, right? Maybe I’ll start vetoing theaters and watch more movies at home.

Oh, the movie was pretty good though.

On second thought, I wonder if movie ticket prices are rising because of decreased box office ticket and DVD sales due to pirating. Hmm… I’ll temporarily suspend my ire until I get to the bottom of that one.

Moving on now!

Remember the surprise I mentioned earlier that was hidden under the Sobe cap?


Hope your weekend is going well!