Hold the steak, please.

I never know what I’m going to title a post until I’ve almost finished writing it. Is that weird? I guess I never have any idea what’s going to come out of the noggin when I sit down. Sometimes I realize that I don’t even feel like recapping what I thought had been the most blog-worthy part of the day. I guess writing is sort of like a box of chocolates too.

As I mentioned yesterday, we had hot date night plans to celebrate Denis’ new gig within the same company at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino. We got all gussied up, because… why not?

Denis ordered absinthe. Our waiter served it by pouring water over a sugar cube into the drink. It smelled and tasted EXACTLY like black licorice.

A glass of Sauvignon Blanc for me. I realize I am very self conscious about pronouncing “Sauvignon Blanc” when I order despite it being my favorite type of wine. Denis tried to give me lessons, but I just couldn’t mimic the sounds coming out of his Belgian mouth. Despite the training, I ended up copping out and just saying the winery name instead.

The bread basket was not just a bland white bread affair, which means resistance on my part would have been futile. I had some parmesan garlic crisp (think very flavorful chip) and a slice of the brown bread (which had nuts and was very wholesome) with a creamy herbed butter and some sea salt. It was at this point in the meal that I realized there was no way I was going to remember what was in all the food or the names of each dish. I was literally getting too caught up in admiration of and giddiness over each plate’s presentation to pay attention to the words coming out of the waiter’s mouth. He might as well have been Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Amuse bouche #1: Croquette with… something (hey, at least you can’t say that I didn’t warn you). It looks like veggies inside, but it really was much heartier. I think it may have had mushrooms. Who knows? It was fried and tasty.

Our appetizer: Heirloom prosciutto with burrata cheese, caramelized onions and toast. This marked my first rendezvous with burrata, and it did not disappoint. I have to say, I was a little surprised that there were no tomatoes on the plate. Whoops, I guess heirlooms aren’t just limited to the vine! I definitely pulled my weight here.

Amuse bouche #2: Strawberry passionfruit… uh… icy thing. Actually very refreshing and palette-cleansing!

As for my entree, I ordered the mustard-miso glazed chicken, which came with some sort of ginger vegetable medley and two slices of really, really flavorful lotus. I have to say, out of the whole dish, my favorite element was the lotus. The chicken was tender and fresh tasting but not mind blowing. Nonetheless, I was a happy camper, since I already had eaten so much rich food at this point that anything else may have put me over the edge.

We also ordered a side of truffle oil fries to share. I’m sure you can guess how I felt about those. We wiped that bowl clean.

Denis insisted on ordering a trio of boneless short ribs, even though he doesn’t really like ribs (he can’t say I didn’t try to warn him!). The presentation was really whimsical; each serving represented a different meal: egg and prosciutto for breakfast, burger for lunch and a crab hollandaise topped short rib for dinner. I tried a bite of lunch and it really did taste like a burger! It probably would have been a winning dish if the orderer had actually liked the main ingredient. I can say a lot of nice things about Denis, but none of them involve him being good at choosing entrees at restaurants. The boy likes steaks –> We go to a restaurant famous for steaks –> He orders ribs. Doh!

I really wanted to want dessert. The menu looked so good, and they had raspberry souffle!! But our stomachs needed a break from the richness. I did, however, warn Denis that we would need to stop for a lighter dessert on the way home if he expected me to go souffle-less.

Surprisingly our bill came with more than just a three digit total (actually not as expensive as I had envisioned) – it also came with cotton candy!

Somehow after all this, I still managed to stop by Starbucks on the way home for a tall (opted for the small, since I’m no longer in life crisis mode) extra hot, skinny vanilla latte and ate the last of the giant oatmeal raisin cookies that Denis’ mom brought over after throwing on pjs and plopping down on the couch. I might be regretting the cookie decision now, since I am now so full that I am being forced to blog laying down with my laptop on my tummy. So shameful!

Whoops, this post took me so long to write that Denis just started snoring next to me. Apparently the cash for clunkers commercial wasn’t doing it for him. Congrats to him anyway! I’m so excited and proud of him.

With a heavy and happy tummy, I bid thee goodnight!