Off to the¬†bar 

Whenever I have a hard day (or series of days, or series of weeks as this is turning out to be), I indulge by spending money on unnecessary, overpriced new products at Whole Foods. More often than not, these tend to be bars.

Meet my lunch (Hummus Wrap) companion…

…And my post 4-5:30/pre 5:30-7 meeting main squeeze.

Both were delicious! I’m glad I placed bets on the fruition bars being good and bought another flavor for tomorrow. Way to plan ahead, Paula!

Now I’m off to do more work.¬†Tomorrow after this presentation can’t come soon enough!

P.S. I’ve decided that I loathe frozen food. I usually don’t eat ’em but since I’ve been buried, I gave a frozen faux meat burrito and a personal pizza a go for dinner the last 2 nights. So far, I’m 0-2. I quit.

P.P.S. I would eat frozen food for dinner for an entire week if it meant squirrelling out of this preso.