Four Breakfasts

Today I ate breakfast.

For every meal.

And it was wonderful.

Brunch at a new-to-me place I found on Yelp called Sweet Pea’s, which serves breakfast all day (or at least until 4pm when they close). We sat right where that lady in the green sweater is sitting. Lucky her, pre-warmed chairs!

Mine, minus the fruit salad that I gobbled down. Artichoke, tomato and cheddar egg white omelet + 9 grain toast with strawberry jam.

As any good brunch partner should do, I also sampled my companions’ dishes.

Ham, egg and swiss cheese crepe.

Grilled chicken and pesto crepe with mozzarella, tomato slices and basil pesto. According to the waitress, this is one of their most popular savory crepes (along with the mushroom, feta and spinach crepe that comes with white wine and mushroom sauce). The best part is that all the crepes can be made with either white or buckwheat batter. You can’t beat buckwheat when it comes to savory crepes. I would probably stick to the normal ol’ white for dessert though.

Breakfast, numero dos happened a little while later. Eating Right Muesli + 100% Natural Granola with almond milk. I had this X2 while hanging out with Denis and his parents, who had come over for a BBQ. Note Denis trying to infiltrate the picture while making awkward flexing poses.

Denis’ mom came bearing gifts.

And oatmeal raisin cookies! Yum. I love homemade cookies because they are never as greasy feeling as the ones at, for example, Mrs. Fields. I think the fine folks at Mrs. Fields keep their cookies tasting super fresh all day long (and maybe for a few days after) by giving them the same mysterious treatment that Hostess gives Twinkies. Curiously moist.

You guessed what was for dinner… more breakfast!

Egg beaters with mini portabella mushrooms and crab scramble.

I made the fruit salad with some berries I had in the fridge and one of SIX cartons of raspberries I picked up from the happiest place on earth IKEA Costco earlier (more on that later).

And, finally, for the fourth breakfast: a giant oatmeal raisin cookie for dessert!

The oatmeal makes it count as breakfast, right? And, to definitively squash any unfounded doubt, Denis’ mom used 3 whole cups of oatmeal in the batter!

I’m officially full, but I’ve been saving the best for last. It’s bulk paper towel time.

The holy grail of oatmeal. Over 110 servings!

Denis loves this stuff. He puts Tobasco on everything. It’s a sickness.

Oh baby, oh baby.

Back to work after the three day weekend tomorrow. I think I’ll spend the remaining hours watching the new Anthony Bourdain episode in the Caribbean and then, who knows, arrange all my new kitchen sponges into castle formation?

Peace out trout.