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    Finger Lickin’ Good 

    I had intended to wake up early to go for the first run in my half marathon training, but I ended up staying up past one am last night watching Good Luck Chuck and slept in until past 10 instead. I’ll start training FOR REAL on Monday :). Plus, I knew I had to conserve energy to create the massive post that lies before you.

    When I got up, I really wanted a crunchy bowl of cereal with milk, but I also really wanted peanut butter. I tried to have both by putting a big spoonful of Better’n Peanut Butter on top of my TJs Vanilla Almond Clusters cereal. It didn’t spread out, but it was still delicious. Maybe next time I’ll heat the peanut butter up a little bit first so its drizzle-able.

    What is Better’n Peanut Butter? It’s peanut butter with 40% fewer calories and 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. You have to refrigerate it after opening, but other than that, I can’t tell the difference between this and the normal stuff. And I won’t hold it against them that the label designer lost the “less” vs. “fewer” battle when stating that Better’n Peanut Butter has “40% less calories.” Not that I am one to judge grammar!

    Soon after, Denis and I set out to meet his college roommates at Boiling Crab in San Jose for lunch. I’ve heard so much about this place, but all I knew about it before today was that it was close in proximity to a Target. The Target ALWAYS comes up when people talk about Boiling Crab, because the wait line is so long that people inevitably end up roaming around the Target to kill time. One of Denis’ roommates had been there one time before and had to wait THREE HOURS. Yikes!

    When we pulled up right before the place opened at noon, there was a huge line already. I thought I was at a Harry Potter movie premiere for a moment.

    This picture doesn’t really capture the craziness, but I would say the line was a good 100 meters long packed with people. Lucky for us, our dining companions had the foresight to get there an hour before opening and stake out a spot near the beginning of the line. I have never seen anything like this for food… have I just been sheltered?

    I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but I will say that Boiling crab is cool! The atmosphere was fun, the service was good and laid back and the food was pretty cheap. I don’t think I’d wait 3 hours (but that’s just my personality), but I would definitely go back if I had someone else wait in line for me :). P.S. Check out how good Denis’ iPhone 4 pictures look below compared to my iPhone 3g line photo above.

    My order came out last, so I snacked on a shrimp and a clam from the table until my sweet potato fries and gumbo came out. The gumbo was filled to the brim with flavor and had crab, shrimp, sausage and veggies (including okra!). It was so flavorful that my sweet potato fries didn’t pack much punch after my taste buds had been so spoiled.

    After leaving boiling crab (and repeatedly hosing off our hands), Denis took me to the Lick Observatory after he realized that I had in fact not been there with him, but rather it was him and his ex that had gone there before. Hah! He probably regretted it, since I got moderately carsick on the way back down the curvy road while I was trying to text (and the gumbo was swooshing around in my tummy).

    Today’s photo of shame: Car in front of us that was driving super slow and using both lanes the entire way up!

    There was a sign on this structure that said something like, “Keep Quiet. Employees sleeping, night and day shifts.” I never thought about it before, but it would totally make sense that observatories need to be staffed around the clock. They must be like vampires (not like Twilight vampires, who don’t sleep at all… of course).

    The last picture of me smiling before we began our tumultuous descent.

    When we reached the bottom and I started to feel less whoozy, I realized we were really close to the house my family lived in, off and on, from the time I was born until I was in the second grade. I got the address from my mom and we proceeded to drive by a couple times like creepy daylight stalkers. I didn’t take a picture, because I thought that would take the stalking to a whole new level.

    I was supposed to embark on the second of today’s running attempt with my friend that actually convinced me to sign up for the SJ half. But since I still had a bit of lingering queasiness and she was feeling lazy, we happily rescheduled for an ambiguous later date. Instead, Denis and I went to Whole Foods to grab some dinner grub before going to see SALT at the nearby movie theater.

    My box looks like it has stretch marks, doesn’t it?

    I wallet-splurged on a quinoa bowl from the vegan Cafe Gratitude inside WFs. I wanted to get a smoothie too, but they were $8 for a small! Instead, I opted for a O.N.E. Coconut Water, which was still exciting as I’ve never had coconut water outside of an actual coconut. The quinoa bowl I ordered was called “I am Grateful” and it contained shredded kale, sea vegetables, house-made kim chee, sprouts and tons of garlic tahini dressing. Apart from garlic and tahini, the dressing contained salt, pepper, EVOO and some other spice I can’t quite remember. It was goooood.

    Then we were off to SALT. We both really liked it. I also liked my KIND bar that I ate during it :).

    Tomorrow we’re waking up early for spinning, so goodnight for now!

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    Mmmm… Salty! 

    We went out to celebrate the weekend in downtown Los Gatos with a late dinner at Andales. Usually I would never survive until 8:30 without food, but I was actually grateful today. For lunch some coworkers and I went to Queen’s House in Mountain View and I ate a HUGE bowl of kimchi and tofu noodle soup. I didn’t feel it until I stood up to leave the restaurant, and then I instantly wanted to die. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so full. What a difference sitting down vs. standing up can make! I felt like I had to walk around cradling my stomach in my arms to keep it from dragging on the ground.

    Anyway, elapsed hours + 50 minutes on the elliptical rectified the situation a little bit and I was no longer feeling like a beached whale (well, maybe a small one) by the time this Blue Moon Margarita rolled around. The margarita was actually Denis’, but I stole it to lick some salt of the rim. I can’t be trusted around salt.

    I ordered the Mesquite Chicken Salad, that seriously had about half a chickens worth of meat that I ate all of, avocado, tomato and goat cheese. I topped it all with salsa. Infinitely better than my salad yesterday.

    Denis got the Quesadilla Suprema with Carne Asada.

    Now I’m on the couch watching Good Luck Chuck on TV and looking around for menu inspiration online since I spontaneously decided to host a dinner party on Sunday to celebrate a friend’s engagement last night. I would love to hear menu suggestions from you!

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    Zero to Hero 

    What the heck?! Denis and I were seeing if there was anything behind this whole Jersey Shore craze by keeping an episode on in the background, and I swear I just saw one of the girls go to bed with sunglasses on top of her head. Weird…

    Anyhow, for this week’s fourth installment of overnight oats, I mixed 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup almond milk and a carton of light blueberry yogurt (about 3/4 cup). It was tasty, but I’ve got to say, regular yogurt just can’t hold its own against greek yogurt. It don’t think it kept me as full either.

    For lunch I had another loaded ham sandwich from the cafe. This time I tried it with some sort of sundried tomato spread. I actually forgot my wallet earlier this week when I ordered this with olive tapenade and the cashier was nice enough to decide I was good for it and let me go on my way. I’m happy to say I finally resolved my debt today. Woohoo.

    I think I ordered SO many fixings in my sandwich that they accidentally gave me some not-so-tasty flavoring extras. In this fuzzy image? A huge piece of ginger and a bay leaf. Random.

    For dinner, Denis and I went to Rojoz Wraps because he’s never been and I haven’t gone since college. I made the mistake of getting a Yum Yum Chicken salad since I had quite a few snacks at work today. It was not so Yum Yum.

    For dessert, I made a plate with double chocolate and oatmeal raisin and cranberry cookies surrounded by raspberries. After I demolished this, I made another plate with the rest of the carton of raspberries (so much for trying not to eat carton-sized servings) and a handful of peanut butter m&ms (the only good ones). Much more Yum Yum.

    I actually tried out Garmy today on a short run (wow, running feels weird now… it’s been so long), but the watch had trouble acquiring satellite signal for the first leg of the run and I wasn’t able to get a complete read. I probably am just not using it correctly. Why read manuals when I can just push buttons until something happens? I also haven’t installed the software and programmed it to my needs, so I’ll wait for all those pieces to come into place before I report out. I think it even estimates how many calories you burn, but I definitely haven’t inputted my weight yet. Hopefully I’ll get it up and running tonight during the Project Runway season premiere. In all, I think I probably ran a very slow 2.4 miles. FYI – I can’t run anything but very slow.

    My surprise purchase today? Well, let’s just say there was a reason for me lacing up my running shoes despite being dog dead tired after work.

    I may have registered for this while gobbling up my overnight oats.

    Eeps! I only have two months to go from zero to hero in time for the San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon.

    Instead of training, I have been spending the evening reading about training while eating cookies. I found this one article on the training page for the Rock ‘n’ Roll that talks about how people tend to eat when presented with food regardless of hunger levels. I love the opening quote. “I’m on the see food diet. When I see it, I eat it.” Hah, I can totally relate to that one.

    I’m having a bit of difficulty choosing a training plan. I feel like a beginner given my total lack of mileage for the last two months, but at the same time, I did successfully run an entire marathon at the beginning of June. It seems like most articles have one regiment for a zero and another for a hero. I think I’m more like a very advanced zero… perhaps an ultra zero. I’ll have to do more research. My goal is to pick one by this weekend, so I can have a full two months to train. Hopefully this will give me something else to focus on and look forward to outside of work.

    Have a good evening!

    • caronae 6:33 pm on July 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I know exactly what you’re saying about marathon training plans being either too easy or too hard. I just found out today that I’m running the NYC marathon and I need to find a plan ASAP! Good luck figuring out what works for you. 🙂

    • Paula @ rockngranola 6:46 pm on July 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Congrats on qualifying for NYC! Let me know if you find a good training plan, although I’m sure you’re much more of a running rockstar than me :).

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    A Giant Present 

    I had a business lunch today at Shivas, a fancy Indian food place in Santana Row (that’s two days in a row now). Two words: Lunch Buffet. On the left, I had a plate full of vegetable curries and salads with mint sauce and a piece of tandoori chicken. I paired all this with a piece of naan. On the right, I got a huge plate of melons. I actually ate this x2, as well as a couple scoops of this sweet dessert rice with nuts (obviously the correct name there). Needless to say, my tummy was nice and filled after.

    Since none of the other tales of meals and snacks and lack of exercising today can compare to the epic buffet, I’m just going to skip straight to the present I bought myself that arrived in the mail today.

    Meet Garmy!!

    I’m going to spend the rest of the night figuring out how to work this behemoth (seriously, it’s twice as big as my wrist) between cranking out some work. I’ll have no excuse not to run now! Well, after I figure out how to use Garmy that is. And that’s going to take at least a week.

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    Attack of the Mutant Raspberries 

    I had THE BEST overnight oats to date this morning – 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk and a container of raspberry fruit-on-the-bottom Chobani Greek Yogurt (probably 2/3 cup). I didn’t take a picture, because… well, my different overnight oat concoctions tend to be varying shades of gray that don’t do the deliciousness justice. To think that I went from having my first bowl last week to being completely addicted this week. What was I doing with all that smokin’ hot oatmeal in the summer?!

    Fast-forward to lunch, which I ate at my desk after Team “Total Eclipse of Your Face” lost its second game in a row. At least we won one match this time (and *cough* lost 3). That’s what happens when you have a team full of nerds I guess. Hopefully we’ll still have fun losing as the season progresses, and hopefully I will have learned to not try to catch speeding balls that are way above my catching ability as the season progresses.

    Greek Salad with feta from WFs. I was still hungry afterwards, so I helped myself to my cup o’ bars and ate a Sweet ‘n’ Salty Odwalla bar and a fruition bar. This mix of veggies, nuts and fruit definitely held me over until dinner time.

    After hitting up the gym for a quick 30 minute stint on the elliptical (and an episode of Cupcake Wars), I headed to Santana Row to eat dinner with a friend from grad school. Denis and I actually lived with her and her bf during my first year as a full-time working person.

    We went to Straits, which is an asian-y fusion restaurant. They have the most amazing roti (that can’t be good for you) appetizer that comes with a curry dipping sauce, which we split. We also ordered a shrimp spinach salad and an eggplant + jasmine rice dish to share, but my inability to stop shoveling food into my mouth prevented me from capturing those two entrees. 🙂

    Ex-roomie agrees with my roti review.

    Straits is right next door to a patisserie, which I couldn’t stop staring at while we were eating. Once the bill was paid, I marched straight over to grab some croissants for breakfast – one normal and one chocolate. The chocolate one is hiding out underneath.

    When I got home without eating the delicious smelling croissants in the car (great success), I had to spend some quality time with the work laptop. I wasn’t making any progress + I was growing increasingly tired, so I turned to the fridge for comfort. Raspberries have been my favorite fruit for as long as I can remember. Once when I was a kid and hanging out around my mom’s small office (I think only 2 people worked there, including her and she was part-time) during the summer, I ate so many raspberries that my face literally turned a splotchy red. I still can’t explain that incident, but it sure hasn’t prevented me from eating raspberries by the carton at my current age. Tonight was no exception.

    Check out this mutant raspberry. It was HUGE. Literally the biggest raspberry I have ever seen in my life by far.

    Just to get some perspective on that big mama, I put my pinky next to it. It was easily twice as wide and almost 1/2 as long. Nom nom nom.

    Ahh, tonight’s raspberry overdose > yesterday’s Abba-Zabba overdose. No sugar headache for me!


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    Never Again 

    Although I always indulge in sweets, baked goods and ice cream, I rarely ever sit down and inhale an entire candy bar like I did tonight. Oivey, that Abba-Zabba from earlier is now launching an assault on my body. My tummy kind of aches, I am in the middle of a serious sugar headache and I have an unquenchable thirst.

    What have I done?!

    I’m going to try to sleep this one off like a bad bender. Someone please save me from myself next time!

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    New Worker Bee Digs 

    While I was camping over the weekend, movers were lugging all my office stuff to a new building. This new building contains all recent organizational behavior theory and then some. It partly reminds me of what a start up would look like if it had a ton of money to burn on a workspace, and it partly reminds me of a Virgin America airplane. All day long I kept hoping that attendants would swing by with mini bags of trail mix and mixed drinks. No such luck.

    I am, however, excited that this building also houses the gym. Now I have no more excuses to bail out on an evening workout, since the gym is now closer to my desk than my car. I am literally forced to walk right by it on the way to the parking lot. IcandoitIcandoitIcandoit!

    My team’s space before we made it homey.

    A very spiffy conference room space with several huddle spots and even a flat screen (unpictured).

    My desk space with my overnight oats concoction. Container of Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt + 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup oats + cinnamon.

    Close up of my robot friend. I randomly bought this wall decal off eBay a year ago, because I wanted cube decorations (it was a 2 pack, and I used the first one in my old office space). A month or so ago, I was waiting to board a flight and I saw some guy with a bag that had the same robot printed on it. Turns out it’s the logo for a store in San Francisco (and I think another big city) that sells toys and other stuff. Go figure!

    New office, same cafeteria. I got a nectarine and a LOADED sandwich on whole wheat that had ham, every fresh veggie under the sun including jalapenos, tons of grilled veggies (eggplant, zucchini, peppers) and olive tapenade.

    I exploited my newfound proximity to the gym to hit the elliptical for 30 minutes before heading home. I walked in from the garage to find the best boyfriend ever literally plating my perfectly toasted pumpkin bolani next to Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus that he bought from WFs. Love that guy. Did I mention he also bought me raspberries?

    P.S. I’m eating an Abba-Zabba taffy and peanut butter candy bar right now while watching the Bachelorette “Bachelors Tell All” episode. Guilty as charged.

    P.P.S. For those of you who watch the Bachelorette, I am totally on Team Chris. Who’s with me?!

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    Love the Road You’re On. 

    I survived the wilderness!

    Okay, okay, there was a Safeway about 5 minutes away from said wilderness. So what?

    Before heading out to the great outdoors, Denis and I stopped by downtown Saratoga to check out a car show that was happening on the main street. And by Denis and I, I mean that Denis wanted to look at the cars and I just wanted lunch and froyo.

    I got a ham sandwich on multigrain.

    And then immediately booked it across the street to a new froyo place. The atmosphere inside was… strange. It was so dark that I wasn’t even sure if the place was open from the outside. Business kill? At least the froyo was good (and froyo can be bad!! Honeyberry anyone?). I got plain ‘ol vanilla with granola + flax and toasted coconut toppings. Oh yeah, and a single raspberry because I’m fancy like that.

    I was so busy enjoying my concoction that I barely even noticed the cars. I did manage to take one picture of the kid in a candy store between spoonfuls.

    After the car show, we made a pit stop at the store to buy out the entire snack section. I have an irrational fear of starving in the wilderness despite only being in charge of snacks and only going for less than a day.

    Henry Cowell State Park, here we come!

    Our lovely campsite (that was bordered by a lot of lovely poison oak).

    Got the tent up! We have the big blue one in the back that sleeps EIGHT and has dividing sheets to partition the tent off into 3 bedrooms. Beejesus.

    Just some of the snacks that I bought in my wilderness rampage. I think I ate more chips yesterday than I have in the last two months combined.

    Unbeknownst to us, Henry Cowell does not allow alcohol in the campgrounds. Denis was forced to smuggle in his Fat Tire.

    Meanwhile, I was sad because I was forced to wear plaid shorts with a contrasting plaid belt.

    For dinner, we made hot dogs (some of them even had cheese inside them… CRAZY) and veggie burgers over the fire.

    And, of course, there was some obligatory s’more action. At some point in the night, I started drooling over the possibility of replacing the plain Hershey’s in a s’more with Reese’s. How good would a peanut butter chocolate s’more be?! Next time I will come prepared.

    The feasting didn’t end there. In the morning we practically had our own campsite Ihop going on. On the menu? Scrambled eggs with cheese, turkey sausage, bacon, cereal, bananas and an assortment of beverages. One guy even made a latte by heating water and milk in an empty soda can over the fire and mixing them with espresso.

    We may have had a bit of a grease fire with the bacon fat. Whoops.

    And I almost forgot the Pop Tarts, which we heated over the fire using skewers. How resourceful are we?


    Denis and I were thinking about hiking or going to the beach after we got kicked out of the site at noon, but I was sooo dirty. All I could think about was my shower, so we just headed home. I felt a little lame about it initially, but as soon as the warm water hit my filthy back, I knew it was worth it. After a a weekend out in the wilderness filling my system with way too much unhealthy food (FYI – the PopTart was worth it), I had to get three things done to return to my happy routine.

    Thing 1: Eat my vegetables!

    Thing 2: Stock up on library books (and a movie)! Has anyone read any of these? I picked a bunch to increase my chances that a couple would rock my world.

    Thing 3: Go grocery shopping at TJs!

    I heard a commercial today for Subaru with the slogan, “Love the road you’re on.” I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening on tv, but that line really resonated with me. I’ve been so blah lately (which I talked about on Friday) and I’ve just been looking anywhere for a change to bring me out of it. Maybe what I really need to do is just roll with what I’ve got (which objectively is pretty good) and embrace it. Maybe?

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    Life Smörgåsbord 


    It feels like eons since I last posted (and exercised) due to work, but I gotta pay the bills somehow… I guess. Honestly, though, the question of whether it’s all worth it has been crossing my mind at an increasing frequency lately. I feel like I haven’t been maximizing life lately, and I’m not sure how to inject the joy that I used to feel towards life back into it. Job change? Entire career change? Maybe even in a field that doesn’t require a fancy degree and just allows me to be active? Something for me to chew on in the coming weeks and months.

    Anyhow, I figure that there is no better way to bounce back from a slightly solemn start to a blog post than by recapping my celebration of Belgian Independence Day with a house full of Belgians! As I’ve mentioned in the past, Denis and his family are from Belgium so we all got together to celebrate the holiday with some Belgian and not-so-Belgian eats. The people, however, were 100% authentic (as evidenced by the fact that they all spoke French, which I can’t understand a word of!).

    I arrived a bit late to find Denis, as always, dutifully prepping the french fries. That boy knows his way around a deep fryer.

    I must have been so excited to see food on the table, that I somehow managed to not even take a picture of the spread! Blogger fail. At least I got a good shot of my plate. BBQ chicken, grilled pineapple, grilled asparagus and some kind of cantaloupe-like melon that I forget the name of. FYI – it was 10x better than cantaloupe, which I’m not a huge fan of, and I proceeded to help myself to about 3x of what you see on the plate here.

    Good Belgian parenting dictates that impressionable youngsters become accustomed to beer at an early age :). Just kidding, we rescued the cup from Denis’ nephew right after this shot, but he would have drank it AND loved it if allowed.

    The dessert spread consisted of a Belgian cookie assortment (including Biscoff!) and homemade plum pie with an apricot preserve glaze. I tried 3/4 cookie types and had a slice of pie without the crust.

    Despite having no idea what was being said most of the time, it was still a pretty good night. Not knowing French at these types of gatherings used to bother me a lot, but now I’m just used to going into my happy place and enjoying my food when English is altogether abandoned. Maybe one day I’ll try to learn French, although I’m not sure if my mouth is physiologically designed to make those sounds.

    The BBQing did not stop there. On Thursday at lunch, we had a free BBQ at work (say what? free? at work?) that came as a total surprise to me. Even more surprising? They had veggie burgers!! I topped a veggie patty with ketchup and skipped out on the bun, because my heart was hung up on one little word: cornbread. I also got a salad trifecta composed of a side green salad, a big ol’ helping of fruit salad and some potato salad.

    That cornbread was the king of all cornbreads; it was literally the best I think I’ve ever tasted. It was the one shining light in an otherwise crazed and exhausting workday. When I finally got home, I shoveled leftover fried rice in my mouth and nestled into the couch with some salt & pepper Pop Chips and the new US Weekly. Honestly, how much longer can tabloids cover the Brangelina-Jennifer Anniston situation? Didn’t that happen half a decade ago? For the record, I don’t cling onto every word in US Weekly. It was a gift and I just look at the pictures, I swear!

    My zombie-like state continued throughout the night as I noshed on some other unpictured snackaroos in an unsuccessful attempt to sooth my soul. Fortunately, I woke up today with a renewed sense of energy. Not only was it Friday, but I also was going to cut the day short due to a doctor’s appointment. Normal women hate pap smears, but I don’t mind them at all. Woohoo early day!

    The only downside of coming out of a funk is that you realize your formerly funk self did not stock the fridge with yogurt to make overnight oats. Instead I had a bowl of cereal that was too boring to earn a picture. I did, however, find more exciting things around the kitchen area to photograph. And by this, I basically mean I took plant porn :).

    For lunch I had a deliciously unhealthy Whole Foods sandwich that was provided for a meeting. I got chicken and olive tapenade on ciabatta and traded half with a coworker that had a bacon, turkey, avocado and sun dried tomato aioli sandwich. Like always, I was too awkward feeling to take a picture in the middle of the meeting, especially given that the president of our larger organization was one of the 10 people in the room. I didn’t expect her to remember my name afterward, so I definitely didn’t want to go down in history as that strange girl who laid down on the conference table to get a good shot of some bread and deli meat.

    Then it was pap time. The only interesting part of the whole appointment was that when I laid down, I saw this one ceiling panel that had a backlight and was decorated with Hawaiian flowers and some sort of cheesy scenic landscape. I laughed out loud when I saw it. According to my new favorite obgyn, they installed them to make the women that get REALLY nervous about speculums being in close proximity to their beings more comfortable on the cheap. Hmm…

    When I got home, Denis and I decided to go see Inception after our failed attempt last week. We grabbed a slice at Pizza My Heart next to the theater.

    Hawaiian with a special topping…

    The SPICE BOMB!!! (Don’t ask me what’s in it. But I did consume copious amounts of it.)

    I really wanted a treat for the theater, so we stocked up at a nearby grocery store before heading in. As always, when faced with choice, I chose all and ended up walking out of there with multiple snacks.

    The loot that I hid in my bag. Sneaky sneaky.

    Denis happily digging into his one purchase – some sort of spicy Cheetos.

    All of mine. Muahaha.

    I ended up going for the giant Kashi bar, which I demolished during the previews. This turned out to be a good thing as I needed 100% of my attention focused on the movie to understand what the heck was going on. Definitely worth the Costco movie 2 pack if you haven’t seen it yet!

    Tomorrow we’re going camping with another couple. I can’t wait to get away, even if it’s just for one night. Get ready for some pictures of s’mores!

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    Cold Cities are Cold 

    I had to embark to SF this morning for a 1/2+ day conference. When I left the south bay before 7am, the sun was already coming out. However, when I got to SF more than an hour later, it was SO FRIGGIN’ cold and it stayed that way the entre time I was there. This just reaffirmed my decision to not move to SF to recapture my youth last year. My body does not deal well with harsh conditions. And by harsh, I mean anything below 65.

    That’s not to say there aren’t great things about SF, like all the fantastic food. I would kill for a scoop of Bi-Rite Creamery Ricanelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodles) right now. And apart from its influences on my stomach, the city is also full of interesting sights to take in.

    Today was no exception.

    There was a slide between floors of the office building I was in for the conference! I was about to go down it when I heard a thump followed by a “Oh #!@&” from the co-worker that went down before me. Apparently the last turn was a bit of a hairy one, so I opted out (especially given my run-in with the bathroom door earlier this week).

    And in the parking garage, there was an Audi with two hard panels hanging from the windows on each side of the vehicle. According to the garage attendant, the man (an architect) has yet to get a door ding!

    At some point, I made it safely back from the city, did some work and packed up my desk for our move to the new building (yay! a new shade of gray!) before peacing out for the night.

    Today was Belgian Independence Day. And as Belgium is the country from which Denis and his family hail, we headed over to his sister’s for a dinner celebration with pomme frites. More on that tomorrow after I get some ZzZzzs.

    Good night (or Bonne Nuit)!

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