Total ECLIPSE of the Heart

Guess what I did last night?

2 Hints:

a) The above post title

b) The below iPhone-in-the-dark-low-res pic

That’s right – I saw the 12:01 showing of the newest Twilight installment, Eclipse. The photo is of the line that I waited in with my gal pal/fellow Twilight lover starting at 10. At this point, the line was already about 500 yards long packed with people! The movie was by FAR the best one in the series so far. And, no, I was not the oldest one in the theater, thank you very much.

Got home at around 3am, did a little work and passed out. Let’s just say that today may be a little rough.

Happy hump day (also known as free bagel day at my job)!

P.S. I may have named my car after Edward when I bought it a couple years ago. But, I swear, I am NOT *that* girl!