The Hungry Thing

Does anyone want to try those new pretzel M&Ms, or is it just me? Something tells me that I’d be disappointed if I did manage to get my hand on some because they’re just M&Ms after all, but a) I have never met a sweet and salty combination that I didn’t love and 2) the commercials always make me chortle (“…Listen buddy, I’m not too thrilled about this either”). Hah!

I’ve been a very bad food blogger (if that’s even what I am) lately, because work has been “shitting on my head,” as my cute, mid-forties and sadly ex-cubemate used to say. Incidentally, he was also the only person that motivated me to ever go running after work. He quit and moved back to China, and I literally have not run since. Did I mention he quit 3 weeks ago? Yikes.

Today, I pretty much ate everything in sight. One of the these things was an extra large piece of that delicious almond cake I made over the weekend. The fact that it is still as moist and fresh tasting as the first day may say something about the amount of butta in the recipe. I’m going to feign ignorance on this one.

It would have been impossible to take pictures of everything I inhaled today, so random splattering it is! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten used to the idea of pulling out the camera in the middle of restaurants among coworkers, so there is no evidence of the delicious Italian ham, anchovies, mushroom and artichoke pizza I had at lunch.

I eat almost every @ work breakfast in the cup below. I picked it up on clearance at Starbucks the day after Valentine’s Day when I was still in school. It comes with a cute matching saucer, and it has the added benefit of reminding me of one of my best friends in college, who bought one too. Today’s breakfast: Trader Joe’s pomegranate Greek yogurt topped with fresh bluebs and Quaker 100% Natural Granola. The hungry thing may have eaten several helpings of these toppings after the fact.

A new yogurt find at TJ’s! This was super delicious – sweet and tangy at the same time. I would definitely recommend it as a non-breakfast yogurt fix.

Dinner, Part I. The bready looking triangle in the corner is a Spinach Bolani from WFs. The pumpkin ones are still my favorite, but spinach is a close second. Dinner, Part II disappeared before it could be captured. Very mysterious.

The beets on my plate are also a new find at TJ’s.

Because I missed out on a photo pizza-tunity earlier, I’ll compensate with this lovely memory of my delicious seafood udon from yesterday’s pre-Eclipse girl’s dinner out!

‘Twas as delicious as it looks.

Hopefully tomorrow the hungry thing will be somewhat satiated. Waddle waddle.