Case of the Mondays

12 hour days make me grumpy. As does eating all my meals hunched over my computer. I could go for a good printer smashing right now if my name were Peter Gibbons and I routinely listened to “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster” during my commute.

Sad, but nonetheless yummy desk lunch:

Between all the craziness, I also experienced a mystery. I got to work today to discover these bluebs hanging out on my keyboard!

I cracked the bag open sometime after the 3pm-crisis-Toblerone, and they had an interesting texture (kind of a mix between fresh, dried and freeze dried, which I didn’t know was possible). My Nancy Drew skills didn’t kick in today, but thank you whomever you are!

Off to unwind with an episode of Real World/Road Rules Challenge – my ultimate guilty pleasure – before doing it all over again tomorrow plus some (stay tuned in the next couple days to find out what the “plus some” is!).