A Very Pitalicious Kick-off

I sprinted (in my car) away from work today to enjoy a quiet Friday at home. On the menu?

Loaded Yogurt-Marinated Aleppo Pepper Chicken Pitas!

If your reaction is anywhere close to what mine was, you’re probably thinking, Aleppo pepper – say whaaat? The recipe Denis (no, the one “n” is not a typo) followed from epicurious describes them as a “slightly sweet Syrian pepper with a moderate heat level.” That doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but he did manage to find them at my beloved Whole Foods so we forged ahead.

The recipe is actually for kabobs but I’m a girl that needs her carbs, so we BBQ-ed them on skewers along with onions, red bell peppers and whole wheat pitas.

While they were on the grill, I whipped up a little greek yogurt sauce using non-fat FAGE greek yogurt (yum!), red wine vinegar, tomato paste, garlic, and kosher salt and pepper. It was pretty good, but nothing mind blowing. The finished creation – topped with tomatoes and feta – on the other hand… deeelicious!!

Denis and I always fight when cooking. All these fights revolve around some variation of the same two topics: 1) my lack of aptitude in the kitchen, and 2) his lack of consideration that not everyone can eat like an elephant and still remain a lanky white boy.

Tonight was no exception. Skirmish one involved him calling me out on squeezing the tomato paste tube like I squeeze the toothpaste (from near the nozzle, and not from the back). Round two was when I discovered he used full fat greek yogurt (also FAGE) in the chicken marinade. Just 1 serving contains 300 calories, more than 2/3 from fat. Blegh! I am all for rich, creamy, dreamy things, but for stuff like this (where it’s literally impossible to tell the difference between non/low-fat and I-might-as-well-be-eating-a-cheesecake-fat), my panties admittedly wind up in a bunch. Anyway, I fixed the tube and decided it was nice of him to have bought whole wheat pitas for me, so relationship crisis averted and dinner served.

(I think I took this picture while walking. Fuzziness ensued.)

So good! There is still some chicken left, so I have a feeling this will be re-entering my life again very soon. I also made this baby…

… but more details on that tomorrow. I think I’ll whip up my very first batch of banana soft serve now, and hopefully I’ll be motivated to go to the gym tomorrow morning before the US vs. Ghana World Cup game (!!) for the very first time in a very long time (dun Dun DUN).

Happy weekend (and happy first blog post) from the frog-dog mitts!